My publishing began in Tao Booklets. ‘Tao Booklets’ was born in 2004 to present a true and faithful rendering of the Chinese medical and philosophical tradition. It was a home industry producing ebooks and booklets at affordable prices. Publications included the Daode Jing  (Tao-te Ching) or ‘Way and its Power’, the definitive Taoist classic; River Hawk! River Hawk! from the Confucian Doctrine of the Mean; a first translation of Health without Medicines (forthcoming 2017) written by the renown doctor Li Zhongzi in 1642, and a full Book of Images and commentary on the Book of Changes (or Yijing). I also produce self-help texts and pamphlets for rehabilitation, exercise and meditation. Some of this has been picked up and now published by Singing Dragon (an imprint of Jessica Kingsley Publishing of London).

Other downloads of some of my Ebooks and pamphlets are also available, especially Treasuries of the Tao and The Writings of Lao Tzu. Also I can post out to you if you wish. See some covers below. Contact me here.

Everyday Qigong Practice

The Secret of Everlasting Life

The Single Idea in the Mind of the Yellow Emperor

The Writings of Lao Tzu

Treasuries of the Tao

Yijing: Shamanic Oracle of China