The Great Intent

This is my new book.  There is plenty to say about this work – which is a continuatiocovern of the translations I began in the 1980’s, when I returned from China and first began to read Chinese.  The first few poems and Odes were published in the Traditional Acupuncture Society Journal, then-editor Sara Hicks.  I still remember the thrill of first seeing it all in print.  To say ‘another world’, ‘another dimension’…is to put it bluntly.  All medium transform us – communication is a two-way thing (Yin and Yang) and nothing stays still (except the Tao/Lord/God/Center) so there you have it.  Think deeply, or not at all!

These acupuncture odes, songs and rhymes are from the Great Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion compiled by the Chinese physician Yang Jizhou during late Ming China, in 1601.  Plus many point and syndrome indexes, you can open the book and get right on using the presciptions in the clinic.

Book soon available from Amazon (please not); local book-seller – if you wish; or from author personally – following the links on my site or mailing me direct –

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