A Record of the Assembled Immortals

In this Tang Classic text A Record of the Assembled Immortals and Gathered perfected atthe Western Mountain from the 9th Century, Daoist practitioner Shi Jianwu describes how through the practice of adapting individual breath to the breath of the universe and daily meditation, one can develop an astral body and ‘transcend earthly matters to work in the divine’. Richard Bertschinger offers the first annotated English language translation of this text with practical guidance for Qigong, meditative practice and personal development.

With elements of Daoist tradition and drawing on Mayahana Buddhist influences, this ancient guide aims to bring to the fore perceptions and focus on a natural form of breathing for pure meditation. Much of this Chinese practice has been misunderstood and lost over the years, until now. Richard’s thoughtful translation and additional comments serve to distribute Shi Jianwu’s original message with open interpretations for the individual reader.

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