Sheep for Sale. History: American Blackbelly sheep are a composite breed created by crossing the Barbados Blackbelly with the Mouflon and the Rambouillet. As our daughters got older, they joined 4-H and decided to raise sheep as their project. The Barbados Black Belly sheep breed is a gentle docile breed that is active and alert. The breed displays the demeanor of a noble animal, which is strong, alert, well muscled, and clean cut. American Blackbelly Sheep are distinguished from the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep by their massive rack of horns. We take great pride in our sheep and . Jan 31, 2013 - There are two breeds of blackbelly sheep, Barbados Blackbelly (rams have no horns) and American Blackbelly (rams have majestic horns). Because of this trait, American Blackbelly sheep are excellent for training cutting horses and herding dogs.

Stackyard Agricultural Links . American Blackbellies sport a distinctive hair coat in a range of tan to brown to red, with dramatic black markings. The parasite resistance helps to be low maintenance but we also make sure that our sheep have strong black hooves so trimming isn't as often (normally once or twice a year). See more ideas about Sheep, Breeds, Goats. American Barbado Blackbelly Sheep - Four Rams & Two Ewes left. You have discovered the best, biggest, most reliable source of information about blackbelly sheep available on the Internet. Older ewes are bred. / Barbados Black Belly Sheep Breed – Everything You Need to Know. Friendly and Calm … The Barbados Black Belly sheep breed is a gentle docile breed that is active and alert. Resulting hybrids produced poor horn growth that interfered with the animals' faces. PO Box 237, McKean, PA 16426. We started out with six cross bred Barbado sheep to train our Austrailian Shepherds on. Owned and operated by David and Ricki Gilbert and their daughters Samantha Fulbright and Nicole Gilbert. Typically every year we have a group of ram and ewe lambs that we sell as breeding stock. North American Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Registry. The American Blackbelly sheep is a hair sheep, originally developed by crossbreeding programs involving primarily Mouflon and Barbados Blackbelly. Our sheep are raised naturally, with no growth hormones and antibiotics only if necessary.. We are located near Innisfail, Alberta, Canada. More pictures available of these and ancesters. We welcome breeders of registered Blackbelly Sheep to forward their information for this list. The American Blackbelly Sheep was created in the United States in the early 20th century by crossing the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep with Rambouillet Sheep and Mouflon Sheep. Member of APWS (American Pheasant and Waterfowl Society) Member of BBSAI (Barbados BlackBelly Sheep Association International) UPA (United Peafowl Association) Alison Peeler, Justin, Christopher and Allie Liberty, North Carolina 336.264.1680 The sheep breed developed from cross breeding the Barbados Blackbelly and.

This breeding created a separate breed altogether called the American Blackbelly sheep breed.

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