Anna Antoinette Weber-van Bosse was an acclaimed Dutch phycologist, specializing in marine algae. Anna Antoinette Weber-van Bosse (1852–1942), Dutch botanist and phycologist. IPNI standard form: Weber Bosse Taxon names authored (List may be incomplete) 137 taxon names authored by Anna Antoinette Weber-van Bosse; Publications [] (List may be incomplete) Anna Antoinette Weber-van Bosse.jpg 3.934 × 5.450; 3,26 MB Anna Weber-van Bosse.jpg 1.956 × 2.268; 404 kB Gravestone of Max Wilhelm Carl Weber in Eerbeek 01.jpg 1.024 × 1.536; 486 kB She became famous as an outstanding biologist and botanist. Max Carl Wilhelm Weber van Bosse or Max Wilhelm Carl Weber (5 December 1852, in Bonn – 7 February 1937, in Eerbeek) was a German-Dutch zoologist and biogeographer.. Weber studied at the University of Bonn, then at the Humboldt University in Berlin with the zoologist Eduard Carl von Martens (1831–1904). Check out Anna Weber-van Bosse's haircuts throughout her career: Anna Weber-van Bosse had various hairstyles during her career. Vakgenoten beschouwen haar studies tot op de dag van vandaag als standaardwerken. Y sefydliad trydyddol lle y derbyniodd ei haddysg oedd: Prifysgol Amsterdam. In den folgenden Jahren begleitete sie ihren Ehemann auf Forschungsreisen nach Nord-Norwegen, niederländisch Ost-Indien und Südafrika, um dort marine Algen zu sammeln. Anna Antoinette Weber-van Bosse (27 de marzu de 1852, Ámsterdam - 29 d'ochobre de 1942, Eerbeek) foi una botánica, y algóloga neerlandesa 1 like. found: Wikipedia, Nov. 13, 2018 (Anna Weber-van Bosse; Anna Antoinette Weber-van Bosse (27 March 1852 - 29 October 1942) was a Dutch phycologist, specializing in marine algae; born in Amsterdam, died in Eerbeek; birth name: Anne Antoinette van Bosse) Anna Weber-van Bosse was een nicht van de liberale politicus Pieter Philip van Bosse. Nevertheless, the Marine biologist was specially known for her unusual fashion sense and her charming personality. Anna Antoinette Weber-van Bosse was a Dutch phycologist, specializing in marine algae. Un o'r sefydliadau a'i chyflogodd fel botanegydd oedd Gerddi Botaneg Kew. Anna Weber-van Bosse. Biografía.

Roedd Anna Weber-Van Bosse (27 Mawrth 1852 – 29 Hydref 1942) yn fotanegydd nodedig a aned ym Mrenhiniaeth yr Iseldiroedd. Se casa joven y rápidamente enviuda. Anna Weber-van Bosse i Max Weber no van tenir fills i van treballar junt durant molts anys en laboratori de casa seva, on sovint rebien la visita d'amics, d'altres científics i de familiars. Anna Antoinette Weber-van Bosse.jpg 3,934 × 5,450; 3.26 MB Anna Weber-van Bosse.jpg 1,956 × 2,268; 404 KB Gravestone of Max Wilhelm Carl Weber in Eerbeek 01.jpg 1,024 × 1,536; 486 KB

Anna Antoinette Weber-van Bosse ( 27 de marzo de 1852, Ámsterdam - 29 de octubre de 1942, Eerbeek fue una botánica, y algóloga neerlandesa. He obtained his doctorate in 1877. In 1910 verleende de Universiteit Utrecht haar als eerste vrouw in Nederland een eredoctoraat. Wife of Max Wilhelm Carl Weber. 1883 heiratete Anna Weber-van Bosse den deutsch-niederländischen Zoologen Max Wilhelm Carl Weber.Eine ihrer ersten wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten beschäftigte sich 1887 mit den Algen, die im Fell der Faultiere leben.

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