I must know what to do I cant keep cleaning up poop! Personally, i think fresh bearded dragon poop smells much worse than … Up and Down arrows will open … They … Bacteria can build up in a snake's belly in … He doesn't just do it to me.. My mother was holding him so I could grab my camera and he pooped on her! United Kingdom 5 Posts. What does corn snakes feces look like? It's like clockwork though. It depends on the snake. However, Corn snakes can musk if they feel they are threatened or are being handled roughly.

Sometimes, meanwhile, a snake eats a meal he's unable to digest in a reasonable time. 1.800.274.8837 (No Cats & Dogs) The site navigation utilizes arrow, enter, escape, and space bar key commands. Lv 6. Password: Register: FAQ: Members List: Calendar: Mark Forums Read: Notices: Hello!

The only real issue is their lifespan, which we’ll get into below. I usually just wait till they do before feeding again.

So, I got a corn snake, very young (only about a foot or so long), and it was fed a pinky mouse on Saturday.

The guy who sold it to me said it was probably the first time the snake has ever eaten. Relevance.

Mine has already pooped twice...and I am just curious if he's done pooping or if there's a good chance I'll find more in the … This combination of kidney waste and intestinal waste is due to the fact that snakes have a cloaca. Snake feces, known in layman’s terms as snake poop, is just like any other animal’s waste matter. … If the snake is fed once a week, they generally poop once a week (maybe twice). Act fine when you hold them and not stressed out, but then poop whenever they get the chance on you. And the Banana Ball Python is one of the coolest Not only do these Banana Snakes look amazing, but they are actually one of the easiest snakes to care for.

I have had tons of them and some of them are just like that.

It's basically their way of saying, hey i want to be left alone. The white mass is not feces but a urate, which is the equivalent to our urine. Source(s): snake owner. 4 Answers. It was in seconds i didn't even get the camera out of my pocket till he pooped on her! Top Answer. Its almost like a defense for them, commonly known as "musking."

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Yellow snakes are so cool. The normal faeces colour is dark brown. Wiki User 2009-02-14 23:42:16. a bit like mice poop but there will be a calcium package which. Further, sometimes the movement and jostling associated with captive handling cause enough stress to make a snake vomit after a meal.

I have 1 small mouse … Hi and thank you. Snake poop tends to smell because of a combination of the snake’s diet (meat) and the bacteria in the snake’s digestive system that breaks that food down. However, with a sufficiently large enclosure and a willingness to experiment, you can achieve success.

Wiki User. 1 decade ago.

It's easily washed off. I have three corn snakes in one small room and honestly you would never be able to smell them. Answer Save. :) I feed him one small mouse every 7 days but I am going to start feeding him 1 medium every 10 days.

I have one snake that only eats or poos every month. Skip to Main Content.

What color is snake poop? Anyway, my question is, how many times do corn snakes poop after feeding? The uric acid is usually a creamy-white colour. Apart from that, they’re non-venomous, docile and small. Log in to reply to the answers Post; Steven. Snake poop on the other hand (like most reptile poop) does have a strong smell, as does snake musk (a substance snakes may release if stressed, scared or upset).

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