The Michigan Frog and Toad Survey has successfully completed 24years of data collection and this report presents results and data analysis for statewide frog and toad ... Three species, Fowler’s toad, Blanchard’s cricket frog, and mink frog, have ranges that include only a portion of the state.

Habitat: Can be found in open woodland, sandy prairie, meadows, and beaches. In total, 105 toads (71 American toads, Anaxyrus americanus americanus Holbrook, 1836; 31 Fowler's toads, Anaxyrus fowleri (Hinckley, 1882); and 3 A. a. americanus × A. fowleri hybrids) were collected in 2011 and 2012 from the lower Silver Creek area and Lake Michigan shoreline (LMS) in western lower Michigan and examined for helminths.

July 5, 2006.

The Fowler's toad is 2� -3� inches in length.

Believe it or not, Eastern American (A. a. americanus) and Fowler’s (Anaxyrus fowleri) toads are among the most poisonous animals in Michigan.Toad venom is primarily defensive in nature. Eastern American toad. Status and Rank. DISTRIBUTION AND HABITAT.
Five helminth species (1 Digenea, Gorgoderina … Zoom+ Range of the Fowler's toad in New Jersey. Fowler’s Toad (Anaxyrus fowleri) Michigan has two species of true toads – the Fowler’s Toad and the American Toad.

Fowler's toad: This species is only found on the western side of Michigan; this is a species of special concern in Michigan. These toads can be found within the extreme western and southern lower pennisula of Michigan. The Fowler’s Toad is named in honor after naturalist Samuel Page Fowler, who formed the Essex County Natural History Society, which became the Essex Institute and merged Peabody Museum of Salem to form the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts. The Fowler’s Toad prefers drier habitats than does the American Toad, and is typically found in sandy woodlands, sparsely-vegetated scrubland, and coastal sand dunes, yards, and parks. Northern Spring Peeper. Northern Leopard Frog . They look very much a like but there are some differences in the back of the head. A toad of open forests, sandy prairies, meadows and river valleys, Fowler’s toad spends much of its time underground, particularly during hot or cold periods, and is most active at night.

These toads are more active at night and in March through late September. This toad has a long, loud, high pitched W-A-A-A-H-H-H call.

The belly is usually whiteish with one dark spot. The Fowler’s Toad is found mostly in the eastern United States and barely in southern Canada. These toads possess venom-producing “Parotoid Glands” right behind their heads. The American Toad’s parotid gland is separated from … Fowler's toad: This species is only found on the western side of Michigan; this is a species of special concern in Michigan. Those in west Michigan can listen for the Fowler's toad, which sort of bleats like a lamb. Fowler's toads can be found in a range of habitats associated with flood plains, including wooded areas, river valleys, near streams and ponds, marshlands and in agricultural fields. No information available.

Appearance / health:

Males have a darker throat than females. Females are larger than males. It has dark brown spots and splotches that contain three or more warts on its upperside.

Yet another characteristic that is used to distinguish them is the size of the tubercles (warts) on the tibial part of the leg. Michigan has two species of true toads – the Fowler’s Toad and the American Toad. (9.5 cm).

Scientific Name: Bufo fowleri Size: 2 – 3.7” (adult length) Status: Species of Special Concern and Species of Greatest Conservation Need; This species is overall less abundant than the American Toad, but can be abundant in areas with suitable habitat.

FROG / TOAD FEATURES: Michigan frog and toad breeding begins in late winter - early summer depending on the species.

The males go to breeding sites (shallow water areas) and call the females. As these toads become adults, a pale stripe will form down its back. They are fairly small -- 2-3 in.

They look very much a like but there are some differences in the back of the head. Green Frog.

Moreover, the data from the Michigan Frog and Toad Survey has been instrumental in current discussions to add one of the state’s 13 frog species – the Fowler’s toad – to its “Special Animals List,” which includes organisms that are endangered, threatened, and of special concern. Frog-counters all over the state are likely to hear the banjo-like "clung" of the green frog. The dorsal coloration is usually brownish or grayish, with the occasional greenish or reddish coloration.There are sometimes some bits of yellow.

Description: Like all toads, Fowler's Toads have dry, warty, skin and short legs. Fowler's toads (Bufo fowleri) occur throughout the eastern United States, exclusive of the southern Atlantic Coastal Plain and the Florida Peninsula (Burt, 1932; Wright and Wright, 1949; Conant and Collins, 1998).

Search MNFI website. Description: Like all toads, Fowler's Toads have dry, warty, skin and short legs.They are fairly small -- 2-3 in.

Gray Tree Frog . The Fowler's toad is laden with large darkened areas over the dorsum, there may be as many as six or more bumps or (warts) contained in each of these darkened areas as compared to one or two bumps contained in the much smaller darkened areas of B. americanus.

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