Bernese Mountain Dog The even-tempered Bernese Mountain Dog has an imposing bark, but you aren’t likely to hear it on a regular basis. Most of the pups here have been identified as breeds that bark only when necessary (if then!). Quiet Dog Breeds. A dog’s bark can be worse than its bite if a pet is too noisy, anxious, or aggressive to be a good companion. However, it is not a guard dog - they are fearless when hunting, but not …

That said, if you live in an apartment building or have young children that need frequent naps, you can count on the breeds below not to disturb the peace. Why Were Quiet Calm Dog Breeds Bred? Today’s calm dog breeds didn’t get their docile natures by accident. For this reason, they’ve likely developed the inherent characteristic of remaining as silent as possible. Many easy-going dogs, such as the Bernese Mountain Dog (we’ll talk more about this beloved breed later in this article), were bred to work closely alongside their humans. So find a quiet spot to curl up and dig into this list. Please note that a dog's temperament can differ from individual to individual, so getting a dog of one of these breeds doesn't guarantee a quiet disposition. Fun Saluki Fact: This breed is quiet and alert, making it a good watchdog.

In fact, this breed can reach speeds of 30 to 35 mph, so be sure you always have your Saluki on a leash when out for a hike in the woods or walking around the neighborhood.

If it’s a quiet breed you seek, look no further than this comprehensive list, built with some help from the American Kennel Club’s breed standard guide. A polite breed that tends to get a lot of attention, the Golden Retriever is generally a quiet breed. If you like quiet dog breeds and want to enjoy peaceful dog training you will fall in love with this dog. He’s a gentle giant with a calm nature, and while he doesn’t bark often, when he does, his voice will be louder and deeper than just about any other breed. If fact, we’d be surprised if your heard a peep (much less a bark) out of them. Additionally, “since they’re geared toward holding something in their mouths, barking would not be consistent with successful retrieving,” Robinson adds. Other than his tendency stay calm, cool, and collected, the Lundehund has six toes on his each foot and he can tip the top of his head to his backbone. Still fairly rare in the U.S., the Norwegian Lundehund is a particularly quiet dog breed. Here you will find a list of dog breeds that are generally known to be more quiet than most other breeds. The breed has served as a companion dog for years and is a less “yappy” toy dog compared to other breeds. Instead of using a deep bark to intimidate prey, they carefully stalk them. And like many other Japanese dogs, the Kishu Ken is considered to be an extremely quiet hunting dog. You don’t have to worry about these quiet dog breeds making a ruckus. If fact, we’d be surprised if your heard a peep (much less a bark) out of them. You can let your Japanese Chin romp in the yard or park for a bit, and he’ll be happy but he also loves to come right back to your lap. He is a versatile dog and originally is a working dog. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The breed named quietest of them all is also one of the biggest: the Great Dane. 1. This dog worked on the farms and did much effort with his families thanks to the amazing nature of this dog. Fortunately, lots of wonderful dogs are quiet, making the breeds good fits for families who need a calm environment, for close-quarter apartment living, or simply for homes that favor serenity. Weight: 35 to 70 pounds Height: 23 to 28 inches at the shoulder Lifespan: 12 to 14 years. His localization goes back to Switzerland. Articles Dogs.

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