Massive creatures that thrive in frigid temperatures, bonzami had plated spines, sharp teeth, and armored heads, including a horned mouth. star wars rebels, zeb, agent kallus # star wars rebels # zeb # agent kallus star wars rebels, ezra, agent kallus, bonzami # star wars rebels # ezra # agent kallus # bonzami star wars, episode 16, rebels season 3, legacy of mandalore # star wars # episode 16 # rebels season 3 # legacy of mandalore Giphy links preview in Facebook and Twitter. I’ll be honest: I’ve not found Agent Kallus to be a very compelling or interesting villain so far on this show (which should be evident in several of my past reviews).

More often than not, he is able to recognize rebel traps and set his own, which nearly succeed in capturing the Lothal rebels. Bonzami had plated spines, sharp teeth, and armored heads, including a horned mouth. Upload GIF to Twitter. Alexsandr Kallus (better known as Agent Kallus and his codename ISB-021) is initially the secondary antagonist in the first half of Star Wars Rebels, and later becomes an ally of the Rebel Alliance in the second half of the series.

Social Shares. Finding himself on the hard metal flooring of an Imperial star destroyer in the crisp black uniform he had worn for ten years was therefore rather disorienting. In the end, they had to work together to survive, and came to a newfound respect for each other. Kallus’ leg was broken in the crash, temperatures were frigid, and a large beast called a bonzami — and its friends — posed various threats. Gif Download.
Source Download. Download. Star Wars.

The Bonzami are giant four-legged predators native to Bahryn. Download. Star Wars Rebels: Season 2 When Zeb and Agent Kallus crashlanded on Bahryn, they encountered a group of Bonzami when they attempted to retrieve a transponder that they might get working to signal the Rebels and the Galactic Empire. Giphy Link. Autoplay. Stranded together, the two must contend with each other, the elements, and the Bonzami (basically, dinosaurs!). JS Embed. Agent Alexsandr Kallus (voiced by David Oyelowo) is a former high-ranking agent of the Imperial Security Bureau and skilled rebel hunter, serving under Darth Vader and working with the Inquisitors.

On Off. On Off.
Space Family 2,986 views. This GIF by Star Wars has everything: bonzami, agent kallus, EZRA! Alexsandr Kallus had not been an agent of the Imperial Security Bureau in over thirty years. Share Advanced. 5:09 [Zeb & Agent Kallus vs Bonzami] Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Episode 17 [HD] - Duration: 1:43. The Empire itself had not, in fact, existed, for more than twenty of those years. Bonzami were massive creatures that thrive in frigid temperatures such as Bahryn. Star Wars Rebels came to an end this week, tying up the story of the Ghost crew while also giving us a glimpse at their futures. Star Wars Rebels: Tribute to Agent Kallus - Duration: 5:09. Bonzami walked on four legs and hunted both alone and in packs, as the ISB Agent, Kallus, and the rebel, Zeb Orellios, found out when stranded on a Geonosis moon. Report this GIF; Iframe Embed. HTML5 Embed. HTML5 links autoselect optimized format. They were native to one of Geonosis' moons. HTML5 Video.

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