So while making kolaches in Manhattan is akin to making bagels in West, I do think these kolaches are about as close to that little town in Texas as you can get. ... Offering both sweet and savory fillings, there is something for everyone. In fact, they are klobasnek, which refers to a sausage filled kolache.

Indulging in a kolache is a perfect way to start your day or have for lunch. What Are Kolaches? This kolache dough recipe is just barely sweet so I think you could use it as written. Authentic Czech Kolache recipe is a keeper! As the first Czech bakery in Texas, there's a reason that stopping off in the town of West, Texas for a treat is a time-honored tradition to most Texans. Kolaches are a delicious combination of a sweet dough filled with breakfast foods that seem to be a tradition in Texas. Wrap all that up like a little bundle and put the seam-side down on the baking sheet. Kolaches are quite tasty, offering a light sweet bread with a creamy topping.

Fillings were typically apricots, poppy seeds, prunes, and cherries – all available locally in Eastern Europe. Czech immigrants brought kolaches to the U.S. when they settled here in the 19th century, mostly in Texas as well as parts of the Midwest. Kolaches containing savory fillings, typically what you find in Texas, are technically not considered kolaches.

[citation needed] Related dishes. They're easy to make and even easier to eat!

They’re perfect for a breakfast treat or a sweet snack. For me, it’s a taste of road trips, wildflowers in bloom and a hint of warmer days on the horizon. Most people don't know it but these traditional Czech pastries vie with bbq and pecan pie for the title of the most beloved food in Texas. Have you tried one? Kolaches, most often found in Texas, have all that you seek in one delicious pastry—sweet or savory. A few of these establishments no longer make traditional plum kolache, but offer unorthodox versions, such as sausage-jalapeño-and-cheese (actually a klobasnek) and, in November, pumpkin-cheese. Think thumbprint cookie, but with a sweet bread base. [citation needed] Many people in the United States refer to the sausage filled Czech pastries as kolaches, but these are klobasniky which were invented by Texas families. I just found out that my parents used to host Thanksgiving breakfast and Thanksgiving dinner.I know I was around for all of it, but I don’t have any memories of just how many kolaches I could shove in my mouth as a kid.
What about a kolache with sausage, you ask? Kolaches were made with a sweet yeast dough, hollowed in the center, filled with fruit and eaten as an afternoon snack. Unlike donuts they aren’t fried so I’d imagine they are (marginally) healthier. Small batch, makes 12 small kolaches. Attributed with the first sighting of a kolache in Texas, Village Bakery throws down on a delicious kolache, that's for certain. For those of you not familiar with classic kolaches, they’re little pastries with an indentation full of a sweet filling. Traditional kolaches only contain sweet or meatless fillings. According to Texan vernacular, a kolache is a breakfast food comprised of sweet bread filled with various breakfast items. Traditional kolaches only contain sweet or meatless fillings. St. Louis Kolache takes kolaches to the next level.

Traditional Czech Kolaches are soft, pillowy sweet breads with jam or cream cheese fillings. It was the sweet chosen to represent the Czech Republic in the Café Europe initiative of the Austrian presidency of the European Union, on Europe Day 2007. But I don’t see chains of kolache stores spreading from coast-to-coast. Kolache Factory Kolaches .

They’re typically enjoyed as a breakfast food or as a sweet treat for special occasions. Authentic Czech kolaches recipe—made with apricot, cream cheese, or prune filling. An authentic kolache consists of a round roll of dough, topped with a dollop of fruit or a fruit mixture.

Kolaches containing savory fillings, typically what you find in Texas, are technically not considered kolaches.

Kolaches are sweet, traditional Czech pastries. There are even restaurants in Texas and Indiana specializing only in assorted sweet and savory kolache. Prep Time 40 minutes Kolaches are a yeast-based pastry, but don’t let that cause you any hesitation. Kolaches have sweet fillings, traditionally poppyseed, apricot, cherries, or sweetened cream cheese. Better yet, gift kolaches to clients, vendors, family, friends or coworkers! However, the term kolache has become ubiquitous in Texas, and I believe, is here to stay.

Soft, billowy clouds of buttery, sweet dough are cupped around a sweet, fruit filling. For the Hot Chubbies there, they stuff with a smoked sausage cut down to about 3 inches long, a hefty amount of pickled jalapenos and American cheese. And if you’re looking for a sweet escape, perhaps you will enjoy them, too.

Technically, a savory version should be …

Kolaches are something I’ve wanted to try baking for quite a while.

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