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He has 7 wifes.

Max is a cool guy and tricky owner of the Jamai bar: the place where people can drink Jack fires and smoke very special roots…. Arthur then discovers Archibald in the dark.

They meet a pub owner named Max who gives them directions but they are soon captured anyway. Darkos is the son of Maltazard and an unknown female weevil, the second-in-command of Necropolis, the secondary antagonist in Arthur and the Invisibles and the secondary antagonist turned supporting character in Arthur 3: The War of the Two Worlds. Max is the owner of a club and friend of Selenia. English: Arthur and the Invisibles is a 2006 French film written and directed by Luc Besson. Français : Arthur et les Minimoys est un film français réalisé, écrit et produit par Luc Besson , sorti en 2006 .

During this time Arthur and Selenia develope close feelings for one another.

Arthur, Selenia and Betamech set out to take back the treasure. He was voiced by Jason Bateman in the first film who also portrayed Trevor Olson in Central Intelligence, and Iggy Pop in the third film. Thank you. Good news for Arthur: Max - a member of the Koolomassai tribe - deals with …
The trio are taken before Malthazard, who throws them in the dungeon.

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