Keyboards, especially laptop keyboards tend to have different arrangements for their front and back slash keys, but you should have both on your keyboard. Answer Save. Facts Genres: Hardware. Lv 6. Some Keys Of My Laptop Suddenly STOPPED WORKING. 1 decade ago. HELP!!! How to use French Canadian Keyboards with Double Characters / Symbols This article provides information on how to use the double characters and symbols on French Canadian keyboards. Recently I started facing a problem, my laptops keyboard stopped working and suddenly random help windows started opening and: ACER ASPIRE E14 (E5-473G-51D6)'s keyboard suddenly stopped working!!! Reply.

Dell is a company name like Apple, HP, Lenovo, Acer and others which make Laptop or PCs. Please start a New Thread if you're having a similar issue. Windows Vista on laptop - when entering text, whether a text box online, word doc, anyplace where i'm entering text, system will suddenly start entering slashes (/) and run on until i hit Del or Backspace. It has the ASCI code of 92, so you can generate it by holding the ALT key down and typing 092 on the numeric keypad, which may be marginally quicker than Insert | Symbol. Sometimes we confuse sticky keys with Keyboard issues and to clear our confusion, Online Keyboard Tester can be used. Tip For the meaning of more character symbols like (@, #, $, and %) see the computer keyboard keys explanations page. However on the my UK iMac keyboard it's above the right shift key in the gap normally taken by the rectangular return key.

Lv 5. I need to use the backslash key, but do not know where to find it! derrend says: January 22, 2016 at 1:54 pm 'Alt Gr' (right Alt) and '-' (minus sign) did it for me.

You need to switch your keyboard from US to UK/english (or backwards). Hi, this is starting to drive me crazy :confused: :mad: :confused: :mad: :confused: I bought a new keyboard from ebay. I have a Lenovo X201 laptop with no backslash key or numeric keypad. 1 decade ago. Best answer: Hi, If the keyboard it types \ instead of # or that you're unable to do the pound (£) sign, you're probably using a bad keyboard settings. H. hoopy_1888. I took the coward's way out and selected my keyboard language as US English and now ignore the blue alternates. You have set the keyboard layout incorrectly. Hope that helps answer your question. Laptop suddenly turning off when leaning on keyboard area. The backslash key on the laptop's keyboard is not responding. Keyboard suddenly starts typing slash (/) automatically. 2PCS Pack Universal English Keyboard Stickers, Computer Keyboard Stickers Black Background with White Lettering for Computer Laptop Notebook Desktop (English) 4.6 out of 5 stars 600 $5.98 Erfahrt hier, wie man das Slash-Zeichen sowie den umgekehrten Slash, den Backslash mit der Tastatur schreiben kann. On my current UK keyboard it's beside the left shift key. Maddog says: February 5, 2016 at 5:51 am Thanks for the thread everyone. Herm I had the same problem. Go to control panel, regional options and set the keyboard layout to match your kayboard. Patrick Lauser says: July 2, 2019 at 4:01 pm Me too! How to Fix a Keyboard That Has the Wrong Characters. Many a times, it is the function that stops the keys from working. My language settings are all set to UK. It's an issue with my work keyboard, where every time I press the backslash (\) key, when I'm using Windows only (not when using Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) I presume you don't have it on your keyboard.
Thread Starter. Looking online I suspect a BIOS update may be required, but this was reported for other HP laptops, not this specific model, so may be barking up the wrong tree! So, there is no back slash next to the z like on UK keyboards.

3 Answers. If your keyboard isn't typing the correct characters, you may have the incorrect input language selected.

probably lower case just under the backspace key. Original title: Keyboard. Keyboard Tester helps you take a test of the Keyboard on your laptop to find out if the keyboard works fine. This is a backslash: \ Good luck with your epic quest. Login to reply the answers Post; Jack.

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