But Beyond is the best-known of a whole new wave of deceptively meat-like veggie burgers that have captured consumers’ imaginations and taste buds. According to the 2015 Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report, 66% of global consumers, including those on lower incomes, say they’re willing to pay more for sustainable brands, with Millennials being the most willing to spend extra for eco-friendly offerings. Is fake meat better for you, or the environment?
This award is the UN's highest and most prestigious environmental honor, and we're beyond humbled they're recognizing our global sustainability efforts as a …

The study then underwent a third-party review process from outside scholars, states the report. Based on calories alone, plant-based protein is healthier than animal-based meat. EL SEGUNDO, Calif., April 21, 2020 -- Beyond Meat, Inc. (NASDAQ: BYND), a leader in plant-based meat, announced today it will report results for the first quarter ended March. The impact of the plant-based burger is impressively lower: around 10-fold reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and land use, and a 200-fold reduction in water use.

Financial statements and reports for Beyond Meat Inc USD0.0001 including annual reports and financial results for the last 5 years. The announcement of the report coincides with Beyond Meat being honored by the United Nations as a 2018 Champion of the Earth.

Photo: Courtesy Of Beyond Meat But there's much more to the story. Researchers at the University of Michigan carried out a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), comparing a Beyond Meat burger to a beef burger.
Beyond Meat commissioned the Center for Sustainable Systems at University of Michigan to conduct a “cradle-to-distribution” life cycle assessment of the Beyond Burger, a plant-based patty designed to look, cook and taste like fresh ground beef. On Beyond Meat's website, "positively impacting climate change" is listed second, behind "improving human health." The Investor Relations website contains information about Beyond Meat, Inc.'s business for stockholders, potential investors, and financial analysts. Sustainability of Beyond Meat. The founders of both Beyond and …

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