The bluefin tuna fishing season on Canada's East Coast generally runs from late July to late November. Let’s cut to the chase: this is probably the best canned tuna you will ever have!

North Pacific albacore tuna fishery. This very valuable food fish is caught by rod and reel or tended line and shipped directly or retained alive and fattened for shipment to Japan, where it is sold fresh for the sashimi market.

No other brand can match our Elite Wild Tuna purity—averaging 22X below the FDA limit!

This procedure is applicable to the determination of the percentage of different styles of pack in canned tuna.

Ocean Safe Products: None. Examination Methods 6.1 Procedure for Determining Compliance for Style of Pack Declaration 6.1.1 Scope and Application. The coastal fleet operates within the Canadian and United States fishing zones in accordance with zone and port access privileges under the US/Canada Tuna Treaty (amended 2013). Children aged one …

The pristine waters of the Pacific North West provide the worlds highest quality of sustainable Albacore Tuna. Canned tuna, especially canned light tuna, is one of the most popular types of fish for many Canadians. Health Canada recommends that women limit their intake of canned albacore tuna to no more than 10 ounces or 2.25 large cans per week. St. Jean’s Wild Albacore Tuna is line-caught in the Pacific Northwest and cooked in its natural juices and oils (with only a pinch of sea salt added) so it’s nutrient rich and rich in taste. Even worse, much of the canned tuna available in the U.S. comes from destructive fishing practices and could be linked to human rights abuses.. Greenpeace is campaigning to clean up this dirty global industry to ensure workers' rights and healthy oceans for …

Such canned tuna includes around 100 calories too. Canned tuna tends to be smaller fish with lower levels of methyl mercury.


Raincoast Trading 92% (2nd) Wild Planet 82% (1st) Canadian Fishing Company 56% (8th) Ocean Brands 55% (3rd) Safeway 54% (10th) Sobeys 53% (5th) Loblaw 49% (6th) Bolton 49% (12th) Clover Leaf 48% (11th) Overwaitea Food Group 46% (9th)

Safety tips for tuna.

Canada’s Food Guide recommends we eat at least 2 Food Guide servings of fish a week. Another canned tuna distinction to note is whether it's packed in oil or water. Tuna is low in fat and provides an excellent source of protein and a source of iron. The fish used in canned tuna products are generally younger and smaller and have significantly less mercury than fresh or frozen tuna, so that most Canadians don't need to be concerned about consuming canned tuna. Today's flashy labels and PR claims from supermarket and national tuna brands can be confusing and sometimes deceiving. Smaller, younger albacore caught by U.S. trollers, based on the West Coast, have lower mercury levels. "Walmart is the world’s largest retailer and sells about one out of every four cans of tuna in the U.S. Rather than lead, Walmart’s chosen to drown in a sea of dirty tuna.

Avoid any Walmart brand canned tuna. St. Jean’s Wild Albacore Tuna is line-caught in the Pacific Northwest and cooked in its natural juices and oils (with only a pinch of sea salt added) so it’s nutrient rich and rich in taste. Undertaking that Canadian Albacore Tuna continues to be a sustainable fishery under treaty and international management, Mandatory protocols for handling, freezing at … There are many tasty fish that are nutritious and safe to eat such as canned tuna. Lowest Mercury Tuna of Any Brand Safe Catch is the only brand in the world to test every single fish for mercury.

All Natural Tuna in Water.

Walmart continues to fail, refusing to clean up its destructive Great Value brand canned tuna. Unlike other canned tuna, we don’t add extra oil or water, so you’ll get a can that is packed with meat that tastes great!

The Canadian albacore jig fishery is comprised of two fleets. It is mild in its flavor and called versatile for including nutritional recipes varieties. Tuna is a predatory fish, as it grows older and larger, it moves into deeper waters and consumes fish, these fish contain mercury.

Available In Select Grocery Stores - Loblaws ON, Fortino's, Zehr, YIG-ON, Real Canadian Superstores ON & West, Provigo-Qc, Sobey's (Including Foodland) National, FreshCo ON, Metro ON & Qc and Longo's. Canadian Albacore Tuna is a SeaChoice and Ocean Wise recognized source.

You can go for the best canned tuna packed in water and holds less than one gram of the fat only.

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