Kiepsko wypada również oprawa graficzna. The Power of Hate: Civvie channels AM while describing to the audience how much he hates Captain Dylan from Duke Nukem Forever. "Pro [FPS game released in the 90s] when, Civvie?" ; Memetic Mutation: Commenters reminding Civvie of his promise to review Duke Nukem Forever at 100k subscribers, a milestone eventually reached - as a result, a video on the game was thus made. Forums: Rise of the Triad - Civvie 11 - Forums Civvie cracks me the fuck up and I was just wondering if there was a backstory. The channel, featuring a Let's Play style and the central "Civvie 11" character, is best known for the "Pro" series, which are a humorous series of playthroughs. Civvie 11 (also known as Civvie's Dungeon) is a Youtube channel focusing on video games. Civvie 11 is a YouTube channel dedicated to video games, particularly retro first-person shooters and occasionally movies.

I like what he said at the end about all you need to revive Duke Nukem is go get people with heart.

Duke Nukem Forever - recenzja gry. Those aliens are gonna pay.

Without him, there would be no Homeworld Remastered, Borderlands, Half-Life Expansions or Gearbox Shift Community. Memetic Badass: Civvie sees John Carmack as a one of the super genius variety. Recenzja 16 czerwca 2011, 12:23. Civvie reviews mostly retro games from the First-Person Shooter genre or modern shooters inspired by retro FPS games. Duke Nukem is a product of his time and the people who played it back then were interested in all his stupid gimmicks and his badassery which was more acceptable back then. Draft: Duke Nukem is now a depressed washed up celebrity. The vacation from Duke is over.

Reminds me about my draft for a Duke 5, which I made whilst bored. Randy Pitchford is a great guy even though Duke Nukem 1, 2, 3D Classic & the Duke 3D expansions are discontinued. I believe I have watched every episode and I was wondering if there was an episode that explained what is with the dungeon and who all the characters are in it like “Katie” are? Daikatana & Duke 3D Episode 4: Yes Duke World Tour: Maybe No Why doesn't Civvie like Randy Pitchford? I think I'll share an opening pitch. Refused the Call : As a matter of habit.

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