A kill switch protects your vehicle from theft by completely disconnecting it from the battery or otherwise interrupting the combustion system that starts your ride and keeps it moving forward, which prevents the engine from starting and therefore stopping anyone who'd otherwise try to drive away with your car or truck in their tracks. Content. Switch to proven solutions. The switch itself is 1/2" long and 1/4" wide, so you can hide it anywhere in the front seat area. This kill switch can lower your insurance rates depending on the insurance company. Blog Home / 10 Easy Ways You Can Prevent Classic Car Theft. Many circuits on late model computerized vehicles can be utilized. 10 tips for making sure this guy doesn’t snag your hot rod. Share. Classic cars have been a popular target of car thieves for decades.

When a car is stolen, it’s usually not done by the pros you see in movies like Gone in Sixty Seconds who are highly trained and have thousands of dollars worth of tech equipment. Universal switch. Most kill switches work by stopping the electrical flow from your ignition system, your battery or through a fuse that works on a needed part, like your fuel pump. We will also assist you via email if you have any questions. Bosch switches offer exemplary quality and a long service life. 10 Easy Ways You Can Prevent Classic Car Theft. How To Install Kill Switch View List. Classic switches . Early model vehicles require that the circuit to the coil be opened to kill the ignition. 12v/24v Genuine Lucas SSB103 ST330 Style Battery Isolator Cut Off Kill Switch Price: £29.29; 12v/24v Durite 0-605-02 Lucas SSB103 Style Battery Isolator Cut Off Kill Switch Price: £20.19; 12v/24v Lucas SSB106 Style Fixed Key Battery Isolator/Cut Off Kill Switch Price: £6.19; ST19 Classic Car Pull Starter Motor Switch Price: £14.69 More. A host of designs are available for a wide range of purposes: From pressure switches for reliable starting to retrofitable wiper interval switches to improve vision while driving in the rain. The kill switch kit will include: 1 mini-toggle switch, wire, and 10 minute installation instructions. A key-operated, on-and-off switch makes concealment unnecessary.

Classic switches for your vintage classic.

An ignition kill switch should be hidden or key-operated.

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