I want the 22 LR (also shoots shorts) but if push came to shove, I'd buy a 22 mag. 303lithgow, I've been on the lookout for a Henry pump too. 2.

The hand gun and bolt is no problem but the pump and especially the semi (10/22) is a challenge. Shop for hard to find Firearms from Henry Repeating Arms. I decided I "needed" another mouse gun/.22 rifle to go with my two Ruger 10/22s. While it’s true, Henry is better known for a fantastic line of lever action rifles, their well-built pump action .22 caliber rifles are definitely a hidden gem within their catalog. With a little work and this Henry Pump Action .22, you can make your own shooting gallery and let the fun begin. Thankfully, Henry Repeating Arms Company sees the importance of keeping America’s favorite memories alive through the production of their version of the “gallery style” pump action .22 rifle.

I have a couple .22's in hand gun, bolt, pump and semiauto. About eight months ago I read a review of the Henry pump-action and it brought back great memories of the gallery rifles I use to shoot. How often are you cleaning them----every time out or less?

This will make it easier to remove the lever screw. New Lever Actions From Henry—.30-30 and .45-70 Henry makes guns that keep up the values established by the company’s namesake—traditional pistol caliber lever actions, mostly.

HIVIZ® LITEWAVE® Henry Adjustable Rifle Sight Set HHVS41 (H006 and H006S Big Boy Series Only) $ 49.95 …

I realy enjoy my H001T (22 LR lever, octagon barrel) and expect the pumps are made to the same quality standards. The Henry Pump-Action Octagon, now made in New Jersey, is a nice-looking rifle with an American walnut stock and fore-end. Cleaning; Accessories Accessories; All Accessories; Jewelry; Gun Leather; Henry Tailgate Mat. Dopp Kit Travel Bag . In the upcoming sections, we’ll cover a very brief history of Henry Repeating Arms as a company, the rationale for owning a lever action .22, the features of the … $ 44.95 View. 3. The next step is to loosen, but do not remove, the carrier spring screw and the lever spring screw. The rifle features Henry’s zinc alloy receiver cover, which is finished in black, but within this cover are steel action parts. The first step in disassembling the Henry Rifle or any weapon for that matter is to check to insure the weapon is indeed unloaded. Disassembling the Henry Rifle. 1. I ordered the Ruger Pump-Action Octagon H003T.

Henry Repeating Arms has produced parts that Numrich Gun Parts finds and delivers to you at great values! Just wanted to know what regimen you all use to clean your .22 rimfires. $ 59.95 ... HIVIZ® LITEWAVE® Henry Adjustable Rifle Sight Set HHVS500 (H010CC,H001TM,H001TV,H003TM,H004M, H004V,H006C,H012,H010B) $ 49.95 View. Founded in 1993 in Brooklyn, New York. The octagonal, 19 3/4-inch-long barrel and other steel parts are polished blue.

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