The Python has many special features.

I am not saying that there are not any accurate sixguns produced anymore; just that shooters have come to expect lousy accuracy …

Accuracy Testing. Like all Colt revolvers, the cylinder rotates into the frame for an extremely tight lock-up. Accuracy testing demands that the revolver be fired from a solid benchrest at 25 yards. Inside, Python barrels are bored with a very slight, full length, taper toward the muzzle for superior accuracy. Colt Pythons were notoriously accurate right out of the box, and were prized by gun owners for their accuracy. I included several .38 Special loads and also .357 loads from mid-range to the heaviest loads.

The Colt Python magnum revolver has returned in all its glory and now features upgraded internals that lend the most famous of “snake guns” a new lease on life.

In rapid double-action fire, no revolver handles as well as the Colt Python. The Python barrel has a ventilated rib on top and a full length underlug. The Colt Python, in its heyday, was superbly accurate.

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