The largest duck in the northern hemisphere, the Common Eider is distributed around the Arctic and sub-Arctic in the Old World as well as the New World in several races or subspecies that show considerable geographic variation. Common eider Wikipedia open wikipedia design. Breeding in North America, Eurasia: Arctic; can be seen in 49 countries. It breeds from Groswater Bay, on the south-central Labrador coast 1).
The Pacific subspecies of common eider was observed in Norway in 2014 and Newfoundland in 2005 while the Atlantic subspecies of that bird was found in … A colorful duck of the northern seacoasts, the Common Eider is the largest duck in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Several sub-species have been described. The male's bright white, black, and green plumage contrasts markedly with the female's camouflaging dull striped brown. The Common Eider has at least three sub-species when comparing these northern waterfowl to each other in North America.
Common Eider, Northern Race (Somateria mollissima borealis) Population Size and Trends: Northern Common Eiders breed in the eastern Canadian Arctic, northern Québec, Labrador, and west Greenland. A, portrait showing fresh basic plumage and deep rufous coloration; B, …

dresseri. Adult female Common Eider, Crescent City, Del Norte Co., California, 26 November 2011, photographed under solid, relatively thin, high overcast. These hardy waterfowl are seen from the northeastern US states on the Atlantic coast, right across the arctic from northern Quebec and the northern territories. characteristics and relative geographic separation from others in the common eider complex (Livezey 1995). The Pacific subspecies of common eider (Somateria mollissima v-nigra) breeds primarily along the coastal fringe of Alaska, western Canada, and far eastern Russia (Fig. It is logistically difficult and expensive to survey the breeding range for this subspecies, and thus population size and trend data are incomplete. The Pacific Common Eider (somateria mollissima v-nigra) is the most distinct subspecies, morphologically and genetically, of the four subspecies of Common Eider recognized in North America.

It breeds primarily along the coastal fringe of Alaska, western Canada, and far eastern Russia. Common Eider (Somateria mollissima) bird sounds on

In Svalbard the common eider breeds both in colonies on small islands and in a more dispersed fashion along the coast of Spitsbergen. (Atlantic Eider). The Svalbard population belongs to the sub-species Somateria mollissima borealis, which also breeds in northeast Canada, Greenland, Iceland and Franz Josef Land. Other names for this subspecies include Amer - ican Eider, Canadian Eider and South - ern Eider. Canadian subspecies of Common Eider Of the seven subspecies of Common Eider found across the Holarctic region, four occur in Canada, as follows: S. m. The bulky form, elongated head, … all Common Eider subspecies available through the Internet as well as those Figure 1. Common eider ; Adult male, breeding plumage ... Subspecies ; S. m. mollissima (Linnaeus, 1758) (European eider) S. m. faeroeensis C. L. Brehm, 1831 (Faeroe eider) S. m. v-nigra Bonaparte and G. R. Gray, 1855 (North Pacific eider)

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