This is mainly common marmosets, but we also see Geoffroy's marmosets and sometimes hybrids of the two. Gift Shop & Pet Supplies. Caring for Marmosets & Tamarins.

They feed on flowers, fruits, nectar, tree saps and gums, insects, spiders, lizards, amphibians, snails, and other small invertebrates. A pet marmoset can easily contract human diseases, such as the common cold. While this means we know a great deal about marmoset behavior, we still have a lot to learn. Small animal veterinarians, especially those who treat birds, reptiles or other exotics, may occasionally be called upon to examine and treat unusual species of animals not often kept as pets. For the most part, these primates typically eat small insects, fruits, berries, and leaves. Listed below are some important common marmoset behaviors. Marmosets have been kept as pets since the early 17th century, but … Captive marmosets will become territorial around the most dominant person, so they may attack and bite other people. They also hunt lizards, frogs, and small birds. Interested in a smaller type of monkey? Marmoset monkeys for sale ,Capuchin monkey for sale and exotic pets are fascinating companions at home, owners always need to keep in mind that their behavior in the wild differs inside your home. Wild marmosets are omnivorous. Some common insect and invertebrate prey include grasshoppers, spiders, snails, and more. Marmoset and Human Interaction. Even adult marmosets will fit in the palm of your hand. Attractive as pets in South and Central America, common marmosets are often captured and sold in the pet trade (Rylands et al. Marmosets; Marmoset Monkeys for Sale. The common marmoset remains an abundant species and is not currently threatened. Baby marmosets, being so small, have been mis-sold as a pygmy marmoset or finger monkeys. Nevertheless, its habitat had been degraded at a fast rate, with around 67% of the cerrado region cleared for human use in the 1990s and around 80% cleared for cultivation more recently. The reason why people call marmosets finger monkeys is because when they are a baby, they can fit around your finger. 2001; Duarte-Quiroga & Estrada 2003). Common marmoset behavior shares much in common with that of other primates, but like all species, marmosets also have their own species-typical behavioral characteristics. In Mexico City, a common marmoset can be purchased for about US$2000 (Durate-Quiroga & Estrada 2003). A human virus can be transmitted to the marmoset when it licks a plate or spoon, previously used by a human, or by close contact with the owner. Marmosets are active during the day and live in small groups. The marmosets (/ ˈ m ɑːr m ə ˌ z ɛ t s,-ˌ s ɛ t s /), also known as zaris, are twenty-two New World monkey species of the genera Callithrix, Cebuella, Callibella and Mico.All four genera are part of the biological family Callitrichidae.The term marmoset is also used in reference to the Goeldi's marmoset, Callimico goeldii, which is closely related.. Maybe a common marmoset monkey, also known as a finger monkey, might be what you're looking for.

Our Marmosets For Sale . Human activity impacts the different species of Marmosets in different ways. Marmoset monkeys are the most commonly kept and traded species of primate as pets. The gestation period is four to six months, depending on species; twins are the norm, with single births being about as common as triplets.

Some exotic animals are purchased for their uniqueness, with little thought given to how to care for them. Baby marmoset monkeys for sale in Texas All pictures are taken with the best possible lighting but the color may appear different in person or as the baby ages, colors are not guaranteed. ... More.

In addition, marmosets are captured and traded as pets.

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