The shark that rammed the Harbor Branch submersible had them dangling from its eyes. While the shark feeds on seals, researchers are unclear how it hunts them.

The shark supplements its diet with reindeer, moose, horse, polar bears, and seals.

The Greenland Sleeper Shark — Somniosus microcephalus — is a rather large, and strange, species of shark native to the icy waters of the North Atlantic, and is especially common in the region around Iceland and Greenland. Do Killer Whales Eat Polar Bears – Polar Bears vs Killer Whale The Killer Whale also known as Orca is the largest member of the dolphin family. While they fail to rival the filter feeding whale shark and basking shark, both of which can measure over 40 ft. long, these sharks are some of the largest carnivorous species.These sharks can grow up to 23 ft. long, a few feet longer than the largest great white shark.Read on to learn about the Greenland shark. Now, Greenland sharks have never been observed actually attacking and eating a polar bear, Shiels says. So there are a bunch of blind sharks with parasites hanging out their eyes living for 500 years and eating polar bears. Not only bears, reindeers, antlers and other land animals can occasionally be ambushed by the shark if they come into water. It would be foolish to deny the possibility. Greenland sharks are cold-water species that can grow to impressive lengths. Polar bears weigh about 500 to 1,700 pounds, and they live the cold Arctic—in parts of Alaska, Canada, Denmark/Greenland, Norway, and Russia. Adaptations . Though they are sluggish and seemingly slow moving, Greenland sharks are top predators and eat a variety of fishes, invertebrates, and other prey. In some populations, 90% of Greenland sharks carry these parasites. Yes, that’s right – their meat is actually toxic. Because it lives in frigid water, a Greenland shark has an extremely low metabolic rate.
The species has also been dubbed: the sleeper shark, ground shark, grey shark, gurry shark…

They are also known as one of the top predators of the sea just like wolves on the land. Perhaps. They are especially fond of seals. However they do not know if shark ate the dead carcass of a bear or she actually pursued the bear and killed it. And if that wasn’t enough, Greenland sharks also have poisonous flesh. They found remnants of polar bears in one of the shark’s stomach which was quite astonishing. Chris 73/Wikimedia Commons While Greenland sharks are generally not considered extremely dangerous to humans, there have been Inuit legends of these sharks attacking kayaks. Sea mammals are in their regular meal. One diver filmed a shark rarely seen in the deep blue known as the Greenland shark, capturing a video of one of the largest species of shark which feeds on polar bears and can live up to 200 years. Greenland Shark Facts (Somniosus microcephalus) ... Reports of scavenging are common. Yes, it is true that Greenland sharks eat polar bears.
The Greenland shark, one of two species of sleeper sharks, was the obvious suspect, she said, so they performed autopsies to see what they had been eating. They eat polar bears. Still, an adult polar bear is a force to be reckoned with and a shark would not get away from the encounter without some scars. But the bear contents have been found in shark stomachs.

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