By staying in only one movement pattern, you increase the chances of either hitting a repetitive strain injury (think distance runners leg & hip injuries), or at the very least hitting a plateau in performance that decreases the productivity of the workout. Once you’ve mastered the basic renegade row, spice things up with these more demanding variations. 1P2 Rep Tempo. The renegade dumbbell row is a unilateral row completed in a plank position, reinforcing core stability, … Adding an upright row to an upper body day can be a great complement to other variations of rows, as well as lat pulldowns, chest presses, pushups, and more. Once you’re comfortable with the standard one-arm dumbbell row, you can progress the exercise by standing square-on to the bench. Dumbbell Row Variations Symmetrical stance one-arm dumbbell row. Dumbbell Row Variations Once you've mastered the basic technical components of the row, you can start to work on variations of the movement. Not far behind the dumbbell row is the incline row, one of the strictest row variations there is. But don't just settle for traditional rows! Renegade Row Push-Up. Assume a push-up position with your hands just outside shoulder-width, gripping two dumbbells.

Some variations allow you to use two dumbbells at a time, or standing and using a barbell. The usual exercise in the One-arm Dumbbell Row. Strong, stable shoulders thrive on novelty. Alternate Incline Dumbbell Press. Learn how to correctly do Dumbbell Row to target Back, Biceps, Shoulders, Abs with easy step-by-step expert video instruction.
Adonis Row Palms Down and Palms Up. List of Dumbbell Exercises by Muscle Group Dumbbell exercises provide an easy and effective way of targeting every major muscle groups in your body. Some lever and smith machines also provide rowing options.

BarBell Deadlift (conventional) Barbell Deadlift Sumo Stance. Barbell Curl.

Machine-Based Bent-Over Rows – A low cable pulley can provided a variation of the One-Arm Dumbbell Row (a Kneeling Cable Row). Here are the top 30 row variations for a stronger back and healthier shoulders. Under are two dumbbell row variations to build power, hypertrophy, and enhance pulling performance. Variations: Bent over row with a barbell or v-bar Alternative: Dumbbell wide row The dumbbell bent over row, unlike the basic dumbbell row , is performed in a standing position with two dumbbells in your hand and then flexing at the waist to bring your torso forward. The dumbbell row is a great alternative to the barbell because the dumbbell use allows for varied movement pathways as well as an increased range of motion relative to the barbell. Unlike other Row variations, they are performed in a seated position. Find related exercises and variations along with expert tips Lying on the bench allows you to isolate the back by removing the hips and lower body from the movement. AI Transformation Contest Posing Tutorial.

Reverse-Grip Barbell Row. If you want to bulletproof your shoulders for life while also developing an impressive back, the row needs to be your staple exercises. Defining Difference: The reverse-grip (supine) barbell row was the version favored by six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates, owner of one of the most insanely thick backs ever, in his competitive heyday. The information and dumbbell exercise illustrations below are for dumbbell exercises that are grouped by main muscle groups. In fact, when performed with a slightly more upright torso (somewhere around 30 degrees), this exercise is often called the Yates row.

Your feet should be in line with your hands, and your body should be straight from head to heels. 2 Dumbbell Row Variations. Variations of the Renegade Row.

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