The dry season (verano) lasts from November to April, and the rainy season (invierno) lasts from May to October. The hottest months of the year, March and April, immediately precede the rainy season, "invierno" (winter). El Salvador has a tropical climate with two seasons; a dry and wet season. It is a major financial hub within the country. The best time to visit El Salvador is at the beginning or the end of the dry season. Find the best time to go to San Salvador (San Salvador). The dry season in El Salvador is between November and April. Made with Google My Maps El Salvador. Once lush, El Salvador is dangerously close to running dry. Report inappropriate content. Average monthly Rainfall, Sunshine, Temperatures. El Salvador - Climate Photo by: Andre Nantel. The coastal plain receives the heaviest rainfall. Located in the tropical zone, El Salvador has two distinct seasons: the dry season, from November to April, when light rains occur, and the wet season, from May to October, when the temporales , or heavy rains, fall. The dry season, *quot;verano" or summer, from December to April is dusty, especially in rural areas. Terms; Create new map. El Salvador (deutsche Aussprache [ɛl zalvaˈdoːɐ̯], spanische Aussprache [el salβaˈðoɾ]; spanisch „der Erlöser“, „der Heiland“) ist ein Staat in Zentralamerika.Er grenzt im Nordwesten an Guatemala, im Nordosten an Honduras und liegt am Pazifik.El Salvador ist das kleinste Land der Region, weist zugleich deren höchste Bevölkerungsdichte auf und liegt in einem Erdbebengebiet. Terms; Create new map ... El Salvador. Open map. El Salvador's tropical climate has pronounced wet and dry seasons. Speaking in terms of population, it is one of the largest cities in the entire Central American region. The climate of El Salvador is warm sub-tropical and varies according to the altitude that makes it, in most of the country’s temperate climate, only the coastal area has a tropical climate very hot. Feedback. Climate and average weather for San Salvador (San Salvador), El Salvador displayed in graphs. San Salvador is not only the largest city in El Salvador - it is also the country's capital city. Climate and Average Weather in El Salvador. Help. Around 1.7 people live in San Salvador, which experiences a tropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. Shared with you.

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