Probably the best explanation in layman's terms comes from Feynman himself and can be found in his book "QED. Simple Sketches. March 25, 2006 Introduction feynMF is a package made by Thorsten Ohl to draw Feynman diagrams in LATEXenvironment.You Feynman diagram, a graphical method of representing the interactions of elementary particles, invented in the 1940s and ’50s by the American theoretical physicist Richard P. Feynman. The approach is mostly that of Halzen and Martin[1], although the explanations are largely my own. The strange theory of light and matter". Feynman found that he could attach a simple mathematical formula to each diagram. The method of Feynman functional integration is used.

aware that some people might nd this unsatisfactory and attempt to give simple proofs of as many results as possible in the appendix. In this letter we propose a simple method for calculation of the contribution from arbitrary diagrams. Feynman’s DiagramsRichard Feynman designed a way to illustrate interactions between particles through exchange particles. Feynman and De Witt showed, that the rules must be changed for the calculation of contributions from diagrams with closed loops in the theory of gauge invariant fields. The totality of these possibilities contributes to the self energy of the electron. The explanation is deep down in relativistic quantum mechanics. Particles Feynman’s Diagrams Annihilation and Pair ProductionThursday, 24 November 2011 2. You are then free to study these at your leisure. This is the first-ever published diagram by Feynman helped scientists track particle movements in illustrations and visual equations rather than verbose explanations. Feynman diagrams are iconal representations that have a one to one correspondence with the integrals that can calculate the crossections for the interactions. A Feynman diagram is a diagram that shows what happens when elementary particles collide.. Feynman diagrams are used in quantum mechanics.A Feynman diagram has lines in different shapes—straight, dotted, and squiggly—which meet up at points called vertices.The vertices are where the lines begin and end. He found that in simple cases he got the same answers that people had obtained much more laboriously using fields when they let froth interact with froth. Abstract.

+ e ! Right: A series of Feynman diagrams becoming more complex illustrate the possibilities of emitting and absorbing photons. e The e internal line is a virtual electron, a function integrated over, until it picks up a definite momentum and energy vector hitting the field.

1 Pictures and Ideas 1.1 Feynman Diagrams as Cartoons e+e !

In the early 1960s, Richard Feynman gave a series of undergraduate lectures that were collected into a book called the Feynman Lectures on Physics.Absent from the book was a lecture Feynman gave on planetary motion, but a later finding of the notes enabled David Goodstein, a colleague of Feynman’s, to write a book about it: Feynman’s Lost Lecture.

The gamma from the X to the virtual electron is also virtual. Feynman diagrams 1.

Note: I have a laymans understanding of this based on my reading of some basic science books and Feynman's own lay-intented book on the matter (link), so it may not be precise, but I'll convey my basic understanding. This probably means that we do not have a complete understanding of the fundamental principle involved.

They suggested also a specific recipe for the case of one loop.

The formula expresses the likelihood of the process the diagram depicts.

AN INTRODUCTION INTO THE FEYNMAN PATH INTEGRAL CHRISTIAN GROSCHE International School for Advanced Studies Via Beirut 4 34014 Trieste, Miramare, Italy Lecture given at the graduate college ”Quantenfeldtheorie und deren Anwen-dung in der Elementarteilchen- und Festko¨rperphysik”, Universita¨t Leipzig, 16-26 November 1992.

feynMP / feynMF Examples Taku Yamanaka Physics Dept., Osaka Univ. Left: A simple Feynman diagram representing an electron moving to the right, emitting a photon and then recoiling to the left. Introduced during the development of the theory of quantum electrodynamics as an aid for visualizing and calculating

It appears to be one of the few places in physics where there is a rule which can be stated very simply, but for which no one has found a simple and easy explanation.

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