There are a large number of highly specific criticisms of evolution, which can be described in detail on a case-by-case basis. Other flaws in the theory of evolution can be separated into three basic areas. The magnitude of this challenge has increased exponentially since Darwin’s time as the details of living systems have been uncovered down to and below the level of the cell. Ten Major Flaws of Evolution - Revised. Fairly or not, the theory of evolution has been hijacked as an anti-religious mascot by those with an axe to grind against God. Every time a person claims that the theory of evolution disproves religion, spirituality, or God, they are taking the theory outside of its own limits. By Randy Alcorn, Jim Darnall October 3 ... Darwin considered this fact one of the most serious challenges to his theory of evolution. First, there is the contradiction between “punctuated equilibrium” and “gradualism.” Second is the problem in projecting “microevolution” into “macroevolution.” Third is the unfortunate way in which the theory has been unscientifically abused for philosophical reasons. It even has an answer for the meaning of life: the meaning of life is to evolve, to improve and be better than those who came before you. The theory of evolution is as bold as any faith system in its declarations about the origins and processes of life.

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