With Conrad Phillips, Jennifer Jayne, Willoughby Goddard, Perlita Neilson. According to popular legend, he was a peasant from Bürglen in the canton of Uri in the 13th and early 14th centuries who defied Austrian authority, was Story of William Tell and Gessler - William Tell shoots an apple from the head of his son The story tells us that just at this time Gessler, the Austrian governor, who was a cruel tyrant, hung a cap on a high pole in the market-place in the village of Altorf, and forced everyone who passed to bow before it. Gessler knew that if he laid a finger on William Tell, there were scores of Swiss … Lesson Topic: The Tale of William Tell The Tale of William Tell Written by Vanessa Richie Illustrated by Sonya O. Lee Chapter 1 Long ago, there was a man named William Tell. William Tell (German: Wilhelm Tell) is a drama written by Friedrich Schiller in 1804.The story focuses on the legendary Swiss marksman William Tell as part of the greater Swiss struggle for independence from the Habsburg Empire in the early 14th century. This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of William Tell by Friedrich Schiller. William Tell was the legendary Swiss Folk Hero who was a virtuoso marksman with the crossbow and famous for his arching skills.Legend has it that on November 18, 1307, William Tell defied the Austrian authority by not bowing to a hat that was placed on a pole by Gessler, the Austrian Vogt (overlord). Everyone, not just the people in the canton of Uri, looked up to him. Fact or folklore, the myth remains in Altdorf, where William Tell is regarded as a national hero. He lived a peaceful life with his son, Walter, but William also knew how to fight. He was the greatest hero and the finest bowman in all Switzerland. No one in all the land could shoot with bow and arrow so well as he. William Tell’s home was among the mountains, and he was a famous hunter. Most children are familiar with the legend of William Tell, the Swiss hero who successfully shot a cross bolt through an apple placed on his son's head gaining his and his son's life from the evil Austrian, Gessler. It seems wonderful that when great and powerful kings and princes swept over the world, fighting and conquering, little Switzerland should not have been conquered and swallowed up by one or other of the great countries which lay around. Gessler, enraged, had Tell arrested and taken by boat across Lake Lucerne to Küssnacht to spend the life he had saved in a dungeon. Tell accompanied by his little son, happened to pass through the marketplace. Gioachino Rossini's four-act opera Guillaume Tell was written to a French adaptation of Schiller's play. Arrested despite his obedience, Tell, in another feat of daring, escapes from the boat that carries him to imprisonment, gets his crossbow, and slays the evil governor, Gessler. Gessler knew who William Tell was all right! According to tradition, Tell refused to salute the cap of Gessler, the despotic Austrian governor of his canton, Uri. One day, William Tell and his son walked through the square, but Tell didn't bow or take off his hat. Gessler knew this, and so he thought of a cruel plan to make the hunter’s own skill bring him to grief. In Search of William Tell ... Enraged, Gessler ordered Tell bound, carried down to LakeLucerne and thrown on a boat that would take him to a dungeon in the grim castle of Küssnacht.

In this book the tale of Tell is retold, with variations. Directed by Ernest Morris. Gessler knows of only one man who can help him obtain her release his arch arch enemy, Willian Tell. William Tell (Wilhelm Tell) is a legendary character that is said to have lived in Uri, in central Switzerland, during the late 13th century ~ early 14th century. The historical existence of Tell is disputed. He is sculpted in stone, in bronze, in wax, in wood and in chocolate-100 percent Swiss, of course. The anecdotes of him rousing the governor’s anger for not showing respect to his hat that was hung on a square, and shooting at an apple placed on his son’s head are quite famous.

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