The green pit viper’s vibrant color is certainly refreshing to eyes, but don’t be fooled, this is one deadly snake. lens. The species is named for the light yellowish-brown color of its underside and for its head shape that is characteristic of the genus Bothrops. Applied Filters Clear All. Shinesty sunglasses have sun blocking range beyond your wildest, wettest dreams. Now ain't that sweet, come on in and get your face inside some mirrored neon Pit Viper sunglasses, or unleash your inner Riff Raff with pink Peach Panther Pit Viper Shades (that's what the cool kids are callin' them). Bothrops insularis, commonly known as the golden lancehead, is a highly venomous pit viper species endemic to Ilha da Queimada Grande, off the coast of São Paulo state, in Brazil.

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Put Your Face Between a Pair. If you have questions about this product, or any other of our products please contact us, we are happy to help. Free US Shipping Over $25 Just see what they can do for you. There are many fabulous opportunities to save with Pit Viper services and products by taking advantage of a free shipping coupon or Pit Viper Discount Code or other promotions. Filters Clear All. Green Pit Viper. Now ain't that sweet, come on in and get your face inside some mirrored neon Pit Viper sunglasses, or unleash your inner Riff Raff with pink Peach Panther Pit Viper Shades (that's what the cool kids are callin' them). sunglasses from the future | z87+ rated | superior lens quality be the first to have the pit viper 2000s Gold, our primal instincts draw us to this element. Pit Viper Sunglasses. Unboxing, initial reaction and review of some of my favorite things about Pit Viper Sunglasses! No subspecies of Bothrops insularis are currently recognized. Pit Viper. WE'RE TAKING PRECAUTIONS + STILL SHIPPING. Add in ballistic & solar protection and you've got yourself an army on your face. face width.

The Uhhmerika Sil Mirror.

this particular pair is The Night Fall in the polarized option. Free domestic returns & exchanges at They're generous and they want you to have them, you beautiful person, you. Introducing the Gold Standards Polarized or Mirrored Pit Viper Sunglasses. Let them. You're welcome. The Uhhmerika Sil Mirror C$94.99. Free shipping for many products! pit vipers; Shop All - Pit Vipers; All Shop All - Pit Vipers. FUCK YOU COVID-19 . Menu. On a quest to find ancient treasure, the team travel to one of the most dangerous places on earth: Ilha da Queimada Grande, an island of the coast of Brazil. PIT VIPER THE GOLD STANDARD DOUBLE WIDE . Finding more discounts is a cost-effective thing especially when you purchase so many items at Pit Viper. Chums. size. These beings wished to create a race of slaves to mine gold … They're generous and they want you to have them, you beautiful person, you. The 90s called. PIT VIPER CHUMS (MORE COLORS AVAILABLE!) Gold, our primal instincts draw us to this element. The Optimal Blend of Style & Performance. They don't want their Pit Vipers sunglasses back. Add to cart. The optimal blend of style & performance. SHOP GRAND PRIX! Pit Vipers are adjustable sunglasses. According to this belief, the Annunaki, an alien race from the planet, Nubira, arrived on earth in 6000 BC. Select: * Quantity: +-C$94.99. Made for a rugged and outgoing lifestyle. The 90s called. C$11.99 The 1993 Polarized, now 12 mm wider. Pit Viper.
9. With 3 adjustment points for a perfect fit, they're the Autobots of sunglasses. its Universal:“The secret knowledge”, according to the Illuminati, is the story of creation. The Crotalinae, commonly known as pit vipers, crotaline snakes (named for the Ancient Greek: κρόταλον krotalon castanet/rattle of a rattlesnake's tail), or pit adders, are a subfamily of venomous vipers found in Eurasia and the Americas.They are distinguished by the presence of a heat-sensing pit organ located between the eye and the nostril on both sides of the head. This remote Brazilian island is home to the Golden Lancehead pit viper. safety rating.
Save your Pit Vipers from a watery grave with these CHUM'S. They don't want their Pit Vipers sunglasses back.

Add to cart. its Universal:“The secret … Select: * No More Loads. They want to sit on your face. Pit Viper. More Loads.

Retro sunglasses, 90s sunglasses, and vintage-inspired shades so you can hide your sinning eyes from your mother, who despite your best …

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