Mindset refers to a person’s beliefs about the nature of their abilities—whether they believe their ability in a given domain is malleable or fixed.
As the study put it: “The growth mindset intervention effects on grade point averages were larger in schools with peer norms that were supportive of the treatment message.” “Culture really matters,” said Dweck. Youths and parents reported youth anxiety and depressive symptoms, and youths reported their levels of perceived control, at … Growth mindset, which is the belief that your abilities are not set in stone and can be improved, is arguably one of the most popular theories in education.The research on growth mindset interventions suggests that, in some situations, they can have a positive impact. The researchers have made the online training, called Growth Mindset for 9th Graders, free While schools have adopted 'growth mindset' interventions and millions of dollars have been spent to see if they work, an analysis of the available research shows they have only a small impact. Despite mounting interest in growth mindset interventions, this approach has yet to be applied to the domain of entrepreneurship. So, in what conditions do growth mindset strategies help and are there any long-term benefits? It aims to boost students’ ability to meet challenges and persist in school by demonstrating that academic setbacks do not indicate poor intelligence ― with the goal of enhancing academic resilience and, ultimately, performance. 3 student academic mindset interventions: a review of the current landscape table of contents section i: definition and theory of action 6 section ii: important trends in practices targeting academic mindsets 10 section iii: implementation and scale-up 26 section iv: conclusions and recommendations 29 references 33 appendix: summary of interventions that promote academic mindsets 37
We investigated whether a brief, online intervention could alter ability and non-ability traits, including mindset of intelligence, locus of control, challenge-approach motivation, grit, and performance on cognitive ability tests. At baseline, youths were randomized to receive a 30‐min, computer‐guided growth mindset intervention or a supportive‐therapy control. This evaluation examines a “growth mindset” intervention for ninth-graders as they make the transition to high school.

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