You should also wear a wetsuit when you go swimming and wear shoes when you're walking on the beach in case any jellyfish are washed up on shore. Everyone watches and gets excited when one of these guys surfaces and we get the momentary encounters. Hoping to avoid that this year in Gulf Shores. Fun Facts About Jellyfish • In spite of their name, jellyfish are not fish and in fact are more closely related to sea anemones and corals. Jellyfish occur in all Florida marine waters.

– Sure, they’re beautiful creatures, but avoid picking up a jellyfish that has washed up on the shore. When you come to Florida, who isn’t always on the lookout for a Manatee or Dolphin? Any news or anything happening in the area we should be aware of?!

Thanks Yeah, not many if any.

If you're planning a beach vacation this summer, here's what you need to know about jellyfish stings, shark attacks, sea lice, bacteria and more. Sometimes, in some locations, a large mass of jellyfish will “invade” the beach. Like any other segment of the outdoors, the marine world has some organisms that are better to avoid or at least handle with extreme when you're on these animal's home turf. Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary As mesmerizing as it is to watch jellies gliding gracefully through the water, no one wants a nasty encounter with their stinging tentacles. If you keep your eyes open they are easy to avoid. – Do not apply ice or ice packs to a sting. These gelatinous creatures, many with orb-like bell bodies and stinging tentacles, have a sneaky way of ruining a day at the beach. Even though there have been tourists that have not seen any jellyfish on their trip, they are still there in the waters. Mesoglea (jellyfish tissue) -Click for more pictures and info. Some jellyfish are harmless, others have a relatively mild sting, and some creatures look like jellyfish but really are not. Jellyfish stings result when swimmers get … But there is a smaller jellyfish that … How many come in hopes of seeing Jellyfish? The best time to visit Panama City Beach would be during mid April and May.

The by-the-wind sailor (Velella velella) is another jellyfish found on Florida beaches that is not a true jellyfish, but a colonial species, like the Portuguese man o’ war. Some beaches have stinger nets for people to swim at. Answer 1 of 4: Is there such a thing as a season where these are most prevelant? How 'perfect storm' of jellyfish stung 1,200 Florida beach-goers within days: Local officials None of the incidents were life threatening, officials said. There were so many in the water when we want to Florida last year you could hardly get in. Contact with a jellyfish can trigger millions of stinging cells called nematocysts to pierce the skin and inject venom, causing mild to severe pain and skin irritation. Weather is wonderful April/May. With a little care the stings may be avoided. Jellyfish The Gulf Coast is home to the Portuguese man o' war, the sea nettle jellyfish, and the box jellyfish. Box Jellyfish-Click for more pictures and info. The moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) are commonly seen in the Florida Keys and live in temperate, coastal waters around the globe.

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