Preparing partridge. 8 thin rashers … These game birds taste great when roasted, but the meat can dry out quickly if you aren't careful. 12 juniper berries. Thread starter.Dolly; Start date 28 Oct 2008.Dolly ... Other easy option is to remove the breasts as filets if you are handy enough to make a decent job of it, more tricky to cook right though, best is slow frying to cook through followed/preceeded by a quick braising. A small partridge can provide a hearty portion of meat for one person. 6 bushy little sprigs of thyme.

Partridge doesn't taste too strongly gamey and doesn't dry if cooked right.

How to Cook Pheasant. 100g butter. Soaking the partridges in a brine and wrapping them with bacon as they cook are …
Brown it in the pan, blast it in the oven and cook the legs longer than the breast - that's the best way to cook whole partridge. Roast partridge with bacon and pears is my favourite autumn dish. Roast partridge, juniper and thyme. 4 young, plump partridges. Pheasant is a game bird that's often served for dinner and for special occasions like weddings and holidays. A good method for roast pheasant, too. Serves 4.

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