Trending Questions. Je me souviendrai toujours, quand je suis allé à Bellegarde, en Saskatchewan, d'avoir rencontré un certain M. Cormier, qui m'a dit - avec un nom comme Cormier: « I'm proud to be French Canadian, even if I don't speak the language. (I'm sorry. If you don’t speak French, I don’t recommend you saying something like that in French — otherwise you’ll run the risk of being seen as pulling their leg. I'm sorry: je suis désolé: zhe swee dayzohlay: I don't speak French: je ne parle pas le francais: zhe ne parl pa le fronsay: I don't speak French well: Je ne parle pas bien le francais: zhe ne parl pa beean le fronsay (Could you speak) slowly please? In this video we learn how to say apologize by saying 'I'm sorry'. 5 – What to Say To Express Confusion in French ... "I'm sorry," in French with basic words, it is also a good idea to learn the particular situations where a more elaborate apology may be in order. Learn how to say some basic French phrases, including greetings and various expressions to help make yourself understood. thanks.

Je ne parle pas français = I do not speak French. The most basic way to say sorry in French is Je suis désolé, You can use it the same way you’d use “I’m sorry” in English. Register Login Text size Help & about العربية Deutsch English Español Français עברית Italiano 日本語 Nederlands Polski Português Română Русский Türkçe 中文 In French the negative of an action/verb is constructed by putting the “action/verb” in between “ne” and “pas”. I don't speak French.'

So it’s a false friend, it looks like “I’m confused” but it doesn’t translate the same way in French! I don't want to go there.) Human translations with examples: MyMemory, World's Largest Translation Memory. in French - Hear 'je suis désolé(e) , je ne parle pas francais' pronounced If you meet a French person and you haven't a clue what they're saying to you, it helps to let them know quickly that you don't speak their language. I actually don't know what the general consensus is on bilingualism among Canadians. But, that's not really looking at what it truly means for Canada to declare itself a bilingual country. lentement s' il vous plaît: lontemon seel voo play: do you speak English? Learning this cultural knowledge is just one part of acquiring a foreign language. I'm sorry but I don't speak French = 'Je suis désolé mais je ne parle pas Francais.' Join. Contextual translation of "i'm sorry, i can't speak french" into French. Over 220 million people speak French, so chances are you will meet one of them some day. 9 Answers. If you wanna be very polite, you can say: 'Veuillez-m'excuser mais je ne parle pas Francais'

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