Guess How I Hate This 10. Madder Mortem – Mercury (20th anniversary edition) 2019 [Flac+tracks] Valkiria – No Darkness No Light 2019 [Flac+cue] Coronatus – The Emminence Of Nature 2019 (Limited Edition) [WavPack] Aegonia – The Forgotten Song 2019 [Flac+cue] Within Temptation – The Silent Force 2004 (Japan Edition) [Ape+cue] Haggard – Awaking the Centuries 2000 [Ape+cue] Epica – The Quantum … Tzimani Good ol' American sounding steel! The Vincent Letter 9. Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue) 5.

The New Pandora 2. The Invisible Boy 3. With all this momentum, slowing down was not an option for IDLE HANDS. Portuguese Dream 3. Don`t Waste Your Time 5. Berdreyminn by Sólstafir. Last of the Good Times 7. Thundering, arena-ready hard rock with occult-inspired lyrics and gothic stylings; the pinnacle of musical devil worship. It'll Be Over Before You Know It 10. Obvious inspiration comes from the 1964 album “Idle Moments” by Grant Green, but the following group of beloved musicians take it to a brand new stylistic place. Mana by IDLE HANDS, released 10 May 2019 1.

Line up: Leon Ferreira - Vocals, Fabrício Góes - Guitar and Backing Vocals, Romeu Monteiro - Bass, Alberto Martínez - Drums. ReIdolized (The Soundtrack to the Crimson Idol), released 02 February 2018 1. Hey Mama 13. The Titanic Overture 2. Doctor Rockter (W.A.S.P. Seroquel 6. Night People (Dio Cover) 8.

Double Negative 9. Final Hour 4. Hold on to My Heart 12. Locomotive 3. Rising out of ashes of traditional heavy metal quintet Spellcaster like a new wave phoenix, IDLE HANDS is bound to catch the attention of anyone who loves NWOBHM, occult rock or the sleaze of the 80s. Visceral Slaughter Visceral Slaughter is a Brazilian Death Metal band, formed in 2013.

Line And Sinker 4. 2019 release. This time he’s enlisting some trusted Posi-Tone musicians for this new release in his visionary series of curated musical delights. 48 Hours 10.

IDLE HANDS introduce their first full-length album, "Mana", to be released by Eisenwald. 8. You can grab "Over Now" on Bandcamp Friday 5/9, and on all digital outlets on 5/15 on Combat Records! Final Hour (2017 Demo) 11.

The Idol 11. Mana Doctor Rockter 9. We Don´t Need Them Here 5. Fast, hard, and true. Get Me Out of Here 6.

Shift/Overdrive 2. Rising out of ashes of traditional heavy metal quintet Spellcaster like a new wave Phoenix, Idle Hands is bound to catch the attention of anyone who loves NWOBHM, occult rock or the sleaze of the '80s. Give Me To The Night 6. Miss You 8. You Don´t Walk Alone Reign of Hypocrisy, released 20 May 2013 Overdrive (2017 Demo) 10. Cosmic Overdrive 4. Royal Family 4. Idle Hands introduce their first full-length album, Mana. Tzimani (Expanded Edition), released 27 March 2020 1. David Ellefson - "We're all fans of Posty, and he's also been a huge fan of Megadeth and all things Metal. Bandcamp New & Notable May 8, 2019. go to album. Rusty Cadillac 12. Wire Wheels and Robots 2. The Gypsy Meets the Boy 6. Then and Now 8. Absolute Power Formed By Shane Embury and Simon Efemey - this heavy metal labour of love took many years to come into existence ! Damn Nation 8. So, we took an amazing song by our friend Post Malone and made it our own. Michael's Song 7. Destination Unknown 6. We Are The Ones 5. Dream Homes 11. Scenery Of Hate 11. Pride by The Unity, released 13 March 2020 1. Nervous Eater 5.

Hands Of Time 3. W.A.S.P. A Single Solemn Rose 11. Wave Of Fear 9. Idle Hands Producer Marc Free is at it again! Blade And The Will 7. Carry On 7. Dragon, Why Do You Cry?

I Am One 10.

Get Me Out of Here (2017 Demo) Cover) 9. IDLE HANDS by Fatso Jetson, released 07 October 2016 1. Mana by IDLE HANDS. Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 7, 2018. go to album. Arena of Pleasure 4. Jackie 3. Nightfall 2. Vinyl LP pressing. Angel Of Dawn 7. Brian Tatler of Diamond head supported the cause as did John Walker of Cancer,Ian Treacey of Meathook Seed & Tim "Ripper" Owens lent his voice to "Raging Pursuer" & "Faster than the speed of Evil".

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