After being freed at ten years old, Iqbal Masih became an outspoken advocate for working children and was awarded the Reebok Human Rights Award in America at the age of 11. Child Labour is one of the biggest problems Pakistan is currently facing. Iqbal had the dream to read and help other boys and girls. A 12-year-old boy who won international acclaim for highlighting the horrors of child labor in Pakistan has been shot dead. The Struggle against Child Labor.

Sadly, Iqbal was shot and killed on April 16, 1995. The boy, Iqbal Masih, was gunned down on Sunday as … Young kids who are supposed to be in schools are working in factories for a few hundred rupees. It is becoming a necessary evil not only in Pakistan but most of the third world countries. Kids Helping Kids: UNICEF Kit Teaches Kids About Child Labor. Iqbal showed himself to be perceptive, so the militant lawyer of the BLLF made an effort to maintain friendly relations with Arshad, knowing that he could hang around the child labour … Before his murder, Iqbal had received death threats for his outspoken criticism of bonded child labour. However, it ran rampant due to a corrupt government and a police force that … Iqbal Today After he escaped, Jennifer Rosenberg says he finished 4 years of learning in just 2. He stood up for what he believed even when the prices were high. Most of these children who are bonded laborers are Christians, and most become enslaved the same way Iqbal did, because of unpaid debt. Finally, when Iqbal was 10, he escaped. Iqbal was sold into slavery at the age of 4. A free teaching kit from UNICEF builds student awareness about the worldwide problem of child labor. Iqbal was around 5 or 6 when he started working in the carpet factory. For Iqbal Masih, a boy from P akistan, the reason was child labor. The story of Iqbal Masih brings the reader to a story of Child Labor in Pakistan, wherein kids are employed in carpet making and brick making as a means for family to pay their debt. But it never did. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that there are between 2 and 19 million child laborers in Pakistan, which is a predominantly Muslim country. The award reflects the spirit of Iqbal Masih, a Pakistani child sold into bonded labor as a carpet weaver at age 4. Bonded labor, child labor, and slave labor were all outlawed in Pakistan. Iqbal is an example of a kid who went through child labor…

One morning over breakfast, 12-year-old Craig Kielburger was flipping through the newspaper looking for the comics when he was stopped short by a story: Iqbal Masih, a 12-year-old former child slave in Pakistan, had been murdered because he spoke up for human rights.

Iqbal Masih was murdered on April 16, 1995] Anyone who knew Iqbal Masih, the 12-year-old boy recently assassinated in Lahore, Pakistan, by someone believed to be a feudal landlord and carpet manufacturer, was struck by his brilliance. When Iqbal Masih was just 4 years old, his parents sold him into slavery to pay off a $12 debt.

Included: Information about UNICEF's Kids Speak Up for Kids Essay Contest.

He escaped his servitude at age 10 and became an outspoken advocate of children’s rights, drawing international attention in his fight against child labor. Iqbal eventually started making speeches around the world, talking about child labor and his life experiences. However, it ran rampant due to a corrupt government and a police force that was living off the bribes of local businessmen. He was punished for raising his voice against child labour. In the world’s poorest countries, around 1 in 4 children are engaged in child labor. Additional activities included. A Connection a World Away. Iqbal became a debt slave at an early age, for the owner of a carpet factory who then sold him on. Then, at the age of 12, he was murdered on Easter Sunday in 1995. Iqbal Masih - At the age of 10, he escaped the brutal slavery and later joined a Bonded Labor Liberation Front of Pakistan to help stop child labor around the world, and Iqbal helped over 3,000 Pakistani children that were in bonded labor, escape to freedom.

Iqbal Masih - At the age of 10, he escaped the brutal slavery and later joined a Bonded Labor Liberation Front of Pakistan to help stop child labor around the world, and Iqbal helped over 3,000 Pakistani children that were in bonded labor, escape to freedom. For the next six years of his life, he was forced to weave carpets for 12 hours each day. Iqbal stood up for what he believed and said this needs to stop.

Then, on April 16, 1995 Iqbal … Masih was killed in Pakistan at age 13 in 1995. He visited the U.S and went to broad meadows middle school. Back in Pakistan, he rallied and set over 3,000 children free. When Iqbal escaped at age 10, he told his story because he wanted to save other children.

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