Eating octopus is haram (forbidden). Since Octupus is not an insect and not a sea predator, it is halal because it shares the same appearance as a squid. Here are some places you can get your Takoyaki to give your cravings some TLC! Luckily, getting Halal Takoyaki is no longer a problem in Singapore. Octopush9 cafe - 28 ซอยพระรามเก้า 45 แยก3, Bangkok, Thailand 10250 - Rated 4.7 based on 68 Reviews "Very delicious food. 1. Credit: Yummy Takoyaki on Facebook. Halal refers to the process of killing the meat and draining the blood, not to what type of animal it is.
They literally eat whatever they can get. So fish (certain varieties) are halal but shellfish and “hunter” fish are not. Because it’s not that fish like salmon are vegetarian.
An octopus is a molusc, not a fish. Yummy Takoyaki. It belongs to the same family as slugs and snails, all having a shell (octopus and slug have internal shells). I wouldn’t do anything if I saw a Muslim eating octopus. Though if we were in a restaurant and I thought it looked good I might ask how it is—in case I wanted to order it as well. Is octopus halal? I don’t understand why. It is safe to eat and it is halal 100%. According to Shiite religious resources regarding halal and haram meat, there are general rulings and numerous standards; for instance, a set of rulings has been given for land animals, sea creatures, birds and so on. Fish being halal vs octopus, scallops, shrimp etc. Question / Help. Only Hanafi Maddhab says octopus is haram because it's not a fish but the rest of the Maddhabs (Shafi'i, hanbali, Maliki etc) give permission, since they consider any creature from the sea as halal so you can eat it if you don't follow the Hanafi opinion on this.Mussels, squid and octopus do not have all the features of fish; therefore they will not be regarded as fish.

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