In fact, during the act, the male will dance on the web of the female, then hit her belly … Latin name: Pisaura mirabilis. This species is one of the only cannibal mating species where the male mate gives consent. Female length: 12-15 mm.

... nibbles through the cocoon so that the spiderlings can hatch and then finally seals them inside their silken nursery. The legs of the male are longer in relation to body size than those of the female. The spider then begins a series of dances—including moves scientists have dubbed the “rumble-rump” and “grind-rev”—that send literal good vibrations through the ground toward the female. There is a pale stripe just behind the head and there are pale ‘tear marks’ at the sides of its eyes. This tent offers them some protection for the first few days of their life. Wolf Spiders resemble nursery web spiders (family Pisauridae), however, they […] Sometimes, though, the silk package actually contains non-food items like rocks or plant material. When the time for courtship arrives in early summer the male spider catches a fly, wraps it in silk and presents it as a gift to a potential mate. Nursery Web Spider - Pisaura mirabilis. Description. Species; Additional images; Click here to support NatureSpot by making a donation - small or large - your gift is very much appreciated. ; David Thompson; World Educational Films, Ltd.;] -- "This video shows the courtship and mating behavior of the following British spiders: Hyptiotes paradoxus and Micrommata virescens. Adult specimens may reach up to 15mm in length, including legs. Today’s BOTW features a member of the same family who goes by the common name of nursery web spider (Pisaura mira). The name "nursery web spider" is especially given to the European species Pisaura mirabilis, but this family also includes fishing spiders and raft spiders. Wolf Spiders are members of the family Lycosidae. Humans and animals share many characteristics, especially when it comes to courtship and dating. The Nursery Web Spider is a relatively large, slender-bodied spider. After mating, the female Nursery web spider lays her eggs into a silk cocoon which she carries around with her fangs. After their first moult they leave the tent. In two families of spider, the nursery web spiders (Pisauridae) and their close relatives the longlegged water spiders (Trechaleidae) males present females with silk wrapped prey items called nuptial gifts (which I previously wrote about here). (a) Araneus diadematus (Araneidae) male and female hanging from the male’s mating thread, attached to the periphery of the female’s web (photo: Maria Hiles). The abdomen is slender and is divided by a pale line and there are pale 'tear … The female spider sometimes attempts to eat the male after mating. The redback spider is considered as one of the most dangerous and venomous spiders in the world. Figure 2 from the paper. Male length: 10-13 mm.
They are so named because their method of hunting is to run down their prey like that of a wolf. Just before the eggs hatch, she spins a silk tent (nursery web) and releases her spiderlings inside it.

... As the BugLady mentioned last week, spider courtship is a tricky dance; in the spider … Male nursery web spiders present a potential mate with an insect “gift” wrapped in spider silk before the two tie the knot. Nursery web spiders get their name from the protection a female provides for her egg sac. Find out which animal you are most like here! This is one of my favourite spider families, which displays a treasure trove of fascinating natural history.

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