A wonderful mix of history and nature.

One of the few tactically important battle where Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj led himself.

The Mughal troops were 30,000 in strength and planning for a surprise attack on Shivaji. Battle of Umberkhind took place on 3 February 1661 in the mountain range of Sahyadri near the city of Pen, Maharashtra, India. Besides, Shivaji was well aware that many of the soldiers fighting on behalf of Khan had been doing it for money and not for their belief in Khan's cause. About the Umberkhind Trek : One of famous battles of Umberkhind in which Chatrapati Shivaji Maratha forces outmaneuvered and defeated huge Mughal army.

In this regard, Shivaji acted similarly to President John F. Kennedy after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Can you believe that a group of around 3000 soldiers can easily win a battle against 20,000 soldiers ? The battle was fought near the fort of Salher in the Nashik district. This story of Umberkhind battle will definitely amaze you.

This pass would however be remembered for a historic battle fought here on February 3, 1661, when Chattrapati Shivaji defeated Kartalab Khan,… Umberkhind is the place where this magic… Mughal forces consisted of 20,000 men, while there was just 3,000 light Maratha cavalry. The battle was fought between the Maratha under Chhatrapati Shivaji and General Kartalab Khan of the Mughal Empire.
The result was a decisive victory for the Maratha Empire.This battle is considered particularly significant as it is the first battle in which the Mughal Empire lost on an open field. One of the narrowest passes, in the Western Ghats, separating Lohghad from Visaghad running parallel to Mumbai-Pune rail route. Such a battle could have unforeseen and possibly disastrous outcomes. Shaista Khan sent an Uzbek general, Kartalab Khan to gain control over Konkan region on 3 February 1661. The battle was fought between the Maratha under Chhatrapati Shivaji and the Kartalab Khan of Mughals.

This battle was a great example of guerrilla warfare. Before I tell you about my traveling experience I would love to share some historical information about battle of Umberkhind.

The Marathas defeated the Mughal forces. The Battle of Salher which was a battle fought between the Maratha Empire and the Mughal Empire in February 1672 CE. The Marathas decisively defeated the Mughal forces. Umberkhind Pass basically connects to the Konkan area, a popular trekking route in Maharashtra. Retrace the footsteps of Epic Historical Battle !!

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