An infomative article from Magnus Robb and the Sound Approach team can be found here – The Sound Approach analysing the call in detail and comparing it to other species including Tawny and African Pipit in addition to the other more expected large pipits. JRandSue Here we are,on a remote plateau in India, looking like something from a Rambo movie. 153. My house in Burrafirth, Unst, overlooks one of my favourite birding sites in Shetland, the Burrafirth Burn, previously a temporary home to rare species such as Pechora Pipit, Little Crake and Paddyfield Warbler. A jammy start indeed! We like birding both home and abroad and also enjoy bird/wildlife photography.This blog will be used to show local bird images and also photos from our foreign birding trips. 152. 151. Blunt Winged Warbler - 1 at Tam Dao in fall of migrants. I make a bee-line for the neccessary. Flitting through the tops of the willow tree’s I saw a warbler- rubbing the sleep out of my eyes […]
On the 16th August, Will Miles and I were faced with one such bird, perhaps one of the more difficult ‘in the field’ identifications in British birding: Sykes’s Warbler. 154. Field identification of BIyth's Reed Warbler W. G. Harvey and R. F. Porter Illustrated by Laurel Tucker The field identification of the small, unstreaked Acrocephalus warblers of the Western Palearctic has been a long-standing problem. 155. Passing reedbeds with calling Cettis Warblers, and many sorts of waders. Dusky Warbler - 1 at Sa Pa. 156. The target, Britains 82nd Paddyfield Warbler. I simply couldn’t believe my eyes as I stood at the kitchen window of my mother-in-laws, enjoying my early morning caffeine hit (and toasted muffin of course) at 06:30 in the morning.

Pagham Harbour – The weather is Scorchio – Wow, what a massive reserve.
Yellow Streaked Warbler - A fall of up to 8 … The rain keeps falling as we get a call from Gocha that the ... Green warbler does not seem to have arrived in big numbers and we do not see any. Thick Billed Warbler - 6+ seen at Tam Dao. The last one seen was on … Both the Paddyfield and American Buff-bellied Pipits remain in the same field at Sennen, showing well at times and on occasion together. Time for them later. Striated Grassbird - 1 en route to Bach Ma. Too big for me to cover in a day. Paddyfield Warbler - 2 at Tam Dao in fall of migrants.

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