So, basically, if you like the Resident Evil series from Capcom, you can do MUCH worse than Parasite Eve 2. Leaderboard Guides Streams Resources Forum Statistics Sub-games. BradyGAMES Parasite Eve II Official Strategy Guide features Every Item and Key Item, Armor & Weapon Lists, Bonus Items Revealed, Bestiary … The heavier the items she's carrying, the slower she'll be while smaller ones allow her to run faster and hold more things. For Parasite Eve II on the PlayStation, FAQ/Walkthrough by StefanBilly. In Parasite Eve II, at the end of the game (on any mode) the player is awarded a score based on all EXP earned in that playthrough. Parasite Eve 2 Playstation Some Helpful Codes: -At the bridge that is standing under water you have to fill in the code 561 and the bridge will rise. For Parasite Eve II on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 33 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs). Rope - Flint will lead you to the rope.

Отлично Очень хорошо Хорошо Нормально Плохо (17) Рейтинг темы: голосов - 17, средняя оценка … Find this is the Vehicle Air Lock in the 1F Base next to the motorbike. 01 - Recovery 1 02 - Recovery 2 03 - Bottle 04 - Stim 05 - Can 06 - MP Boost 1 07 - Bottle 08 - Penicillin 09 - Smg Clip Holder 0A - Rifle Clip Holder A7 - Magnum Rounds Japanese Version Max HP

World of Longplay 28,534 views You visit this place throughout Days 2 - 4 but you don't actually get to explore it until Day 5. Moderated by: w o l f d n c w o l f d n c, TheMixedHerb TheMixedHerb, Supergamer57 Supergamer57, sigma88 sigma88 The big part is over, but I'll be working on Bounty and Scavenger Mode to get all info on the missing parts. This will build your BP and EXP so you can buy more weapons, armor etc and it will increase your EXP so that you can build up your Parasite Energies.

This guide is a very detailed guide on Parasite eve 2, it has a full bestiary and lots of interesting information and a walk through and stuff. Look at your GPS map to see the Hotspot ANMC areas. Parasite Eve II Parasite Eve series. This isn't a bad thing, mind you, only different. The greater the point reward, the stronger the monster, so more shots will be required to take out the orange and red targets. PSX Longplay [352] Parasite Eve (Part 2 of 2) Chrysler Building - Duration: 5:53:50. Truck Key - Gary Douglas will give you this key after you beat the Flamethrower Boss. With Kathy Sokol, Alexander O. Smith, John Hulaton, Duncan Hamilton. Directed by Kenichi Iwao. My guide lists all of them that I have managed to locate. Teddy Bear - Give this to Flint to locate Eve. This score determines which rank the player is awarded, with S being the highest, then running from A down to L, being the lowest. STORY ===== In the first Parasite Eve, Aya Brea was a New York police agent. This isn't a bad thing, mind you, only different. The weapons also effect Aya's agility, ability to dodge, strength, and defense. Spend your BP on armor first. The yellow targets are worth 200 points each, the orange worth 400, and the red worth 600. So, basically, if you like the Resident Evil series from Capcom, you can do MUCH worse than Parasite Eve 2. Level 2 gives you two minutes, and moving orange, yellow, and red targets. Use this to start the truck in Dryfield. Parasite Eve II makes more use of long-ranged weapons instead of close-ranged weapons when fighting NMCs.

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