It can be found as high as 4,000 feet - 1300 meters - of elevation. WE'RE TAKING PRECAUTIONS + STILL SHIPPING. The Optimal Blend of Style & Performance. The Crotalinae, commonly known as pit vipers, crotaline snakes (named for the Ancient Greek: κρόταλον krotalon castanet/rattle of a rattlesnake's tail), or pit adders, are a subfamily of venomous vipers found in Eurasia and the Americas.They are distinguished by the presence of a heat-sensing pit organ located between the eye and the nostril on both sides of the head. Fer-de-lance, any of several extremely venomous snakes of the viper family (Viperidae) found in diverse habitats from cultivated lands to forests throughout tropical America and tropical Asia. Atropoides is a genus of venomous pit vipers endemic to Mexico and Central America.

Central and South American pit vipers TERENCE M. DAVIDSON, MD1*, SUSAN F. SCHAFER2 and JAMES MOSEMAN, MD3 JDivision ofOtolaryngology - HeadandNeck Surgery, University ofCalifornia Medical Center, and Veterans Administration Medical Center, 200 West ArborDrive, San Diego, CA 92103-8895,USA 2Santa Margarita, California, USA 3Fairfield, California, USA Pit vipers are the predominant … - Duration: 8:11. By Specs. Pit Viper Sunglasses. or No, I'm dumb! ... Bothrops atrops, fer-de-lance - large extremely venomous pit viper of Central America and South America.

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Lachesis, also known as bushmasters, is a genus of venomous pit vipers found in forested areas of Central and South America.The generic name refers to one of the Three Fates, Lachesis, in Greek mythology who determined the length of the thread of life.

There are almost a dozen different species.

Common names for the species include jumping pitvipers and jumping vipers. Description. Most pit vipers are ambush hunters that prefer rodents, lizards and frogs as prey. They exist on several different continents, and within a wide variety of habitats. Pit vipers are the predominant venomous serpents of Central and South America.

All pit vipers have large, folding fangs that deliver potent venom used to incapacitate prey and deter predators. Menu. Skip to content. What is a pit viper?
You're in . ... Malayan Pit Viper Venom Extraction - … Most snakes live on the ground, but some are burrowers, arboreal, or aquatic; one group is exclusively marine. Visitors hiking in the jungles and mountains of Honduras should keep a look out for these snakes. Search.

It is more than four meter long and is the largest viper in the whole world. The copperhead also has what is believed to be the weakest venom potency of all pit vipers, which is a happy coincidence for the snake that is otherwise most likely to bite you. Central American Jumping Pitviper (Atropoides mexicanus) defensive behaviour ... KILLER Snake of Central America!

6. Distribution The majority of species are located in southern Canada, down through the whole of North and Central America, and in areas of South America, as far as the northern edge of Argentina.

The Coral Snake is reclusive.

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