Most … Crossbow. From PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Wiki. We're here to … Accuracy Avg. Hit area damage. by Gaming Josh Team May 4, 2019. Find info about all weapons currently available in PUBG Mobile in this Weapon List. Micro Uzi Ammo: 9mm. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Weapons. Weapon Stats Description; Damage: The per shot damage without any multipliers applied. PUBG submachine guns. Overview of all PUBG Assault Rifles. The following are the known statistics for all the weapons in PLAYERUKNOWN's BATTLEGROUNDS. Pistols – PUBG guns & weapon stats; Melee Weapons – PUBG guns & weapon stats; PUBG Attachments – PUBG guns & weapon stats; Note: since a damage value of 100 or above is a guaranteed knock/kill, I’ve rounded any value over 100 down to just 100, so that everything’s a bit easier to read and absorb. TL;DR - Paypal does not tolerate cheat sellers operating on Paypal and will quickly move to shut down their payment. Hi, any comments from PUBG corp on Guns damage vs. FPS dependency ? Do note, these are not accurate numbers, but are the closest values. Jump to: navigation, search. S686 26 9. Here we have the complete list of damage inflicted by each weapon in PUBG Mobile so you can re-arrange your priorities while gaming and strategize better. In-game mechanics are on point in PUBGM. PP-19 Bizon 35. What’s interesting to note about the assault rifles is that all 7.62 weapons and all 5.56 weapons share the same damage rates. Note: Since Bluehole doesn't release the official weapon values of guns, no website has 100% accurate statistics for weapons. DMR. Working out the best PUBG guns can be a tricky task because there's so much on offer, plus the types of guns available on each map varies.

Even their Level 3 Helmet or Vest should have to be damaged, and that’s what this list is all about. Also, Check Out the list of Guns available on PUBG PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. P18C 23. Sawed-Off 20 9. Now if you are an avid PUBG Mobile player, then I am pretty sure you have a particular gun combo that you usually prefer. Info included on Mag.Size, Reload and more. It has quite challenging of slow reload time, high recoil and no slight attachment support. PUBG guns comparison Sickle 60. PUBG Guns Guide (Damage, Range, Speed) Snipers, AR, SMG, Short guns etc TIP: USE SMGs like ( UMP9, UZI, Tommy Gun ) when close range its better than AKM … PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. All the statistics are gathered in one place. All the statistics are gathered in one place.
Shotguns – PUBG guns & weapon stats While the exact formula used to detail damage is … Assault Rifle. Some players would want to give the most damage with a single shot to the enemy. Deagle 62. Use this as a reference when gathering your gear. The former has the benefit of automatic fire, while the latter delivers devastating damage with a limited magazine. Explore PUBG weapon analytics data from GOSU.AI. Location data. MP5K 33 * Vector 31 * Micro UZI 26. Melee. SMG. Updated weapons stats; Added new weapons; Improved usability; 0.96 20.11.2017. But do you actually know the amount of damage each gun offers?
The top 10 guns / weapons in PUBG Mobile with highest damage. Sniper. Top Best Weapons In PUBG 2019 | Best Guns To Win Chicken Dinner. S1897 26 9.

More PUBG guides. The game will be celebrating its second launch anniversary in March, most likely during season 12. It doesn’t matter if it is a pistol, a sniper rifle, or a shotgun. Welcome to our PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Best Weapons Tier List. Changelog 1.00 28.5.2018. Damage Calculations [edit | edit source]. DBS 26 9. R1895 55. Sounds intriguing innit? Shotguns – PUBG guns & weapon stats Weapons ranked in this list are based from the GameWith's team's experience - considering effectiveness, stats, damage, etc. The damage points specified always seems accurate while playing. Took one shot earlier for someone to kill me and I was a bit shocked, they were about 10m away and I had lv3, so I went on pubg … Pan 80. LMG. Skorpion 22.

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