However, it is complex and very recursive, that is the reason it is not suitable for large arrays.

Merge sort is known to be the fastest algorithm which assumes no special structure about the elements but still quicksort is called "quick"sort. Quick sort is one of the fast and important sorting algorithms, which is widely used for commercial applications. Otherwise: 1 Choose one of the items in the list as a pivot. There are many methods for sorting, some of them asymptotically faster than the others. The running time complexity of the quick sort is good that is it is faster than algorithms such as bubble sort, insertion sort and selection sort. As in quick sort, we have to do partition in halves *, and then in halves of a half, but this time, we only need to do the next round partition in one single partition (half) of the two where the element is expected to lie in. It has taken all advantages of merge sort and it has overcome the disadvantage of using auxiliary space also. Each time the Quick Sort performs the partition() on the input array, the pivot selected is the smallest/largest value in the array Here is an (small) example that shows that this can happen: It is like (not very accurate) n + 1/2 n + 1/4 n + 1/8 n + ..... < 2 n. So it is O(n). OutlineQuicksortCorrectness (n2)( nlogn) Pivot choicePartitioning Basic Recursive Quicksort If the size, n, of the list, is 0 or 1, return the list. Never use quick sort for applications which requires guaranteed response time. Here you will learn about quick sort in Java with program example. It is also using divide and conquer strategy to sort as like merge sort. 2 Next, partition the remaining items into two disjoint sublists, such that all … As a good programmer, you should be aware of this algorithm and it is fast sorting algorithm with time complexity of O(n log n) in an average case. As name suggested it is one of the fastest algorithms with average time complexity O(nlogn). Short answer, it is quicksort because it is quick sort.Long answer.

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