He is even curious to what size dildos/vibrators I get. She didn’t get it even after I broke up with her. My wife now calls me a bad person because of my past behavior. It has nothing to do with your relationship NOW. So your wife lied to spare your feelings and so you won't judge her. 8 answers .

I really get turned on when my wife brings up details of her past sexual experiences, so not sure if normal, but I like it as well. This didn’t come out during our initial discussion which I should have brought … Husband likes to hear about my past sexual experiences, normal? Let her know it is bothering you, and work with her to come up with ways to accept that her past is none of your business. We’ve all done things that we’re not proud of…and it sounds like your wife is no exception. Show Less.

I would suggest that you should not tell about your past because it was your past and you owe no explanation to anyone. on December 30, 2015 at 08:44 UTC . Logicalheart Send a private message.

No need to dwell on it.

My husband loves when I tell him about my past and likes to hear the details about how large/small the other person was, did it … If revealing your sexual past to your husband will be hurtful, it would be wise not to do it.

I was comfortable with that because I knew where her heart was, and it honestly gave me insight into who she was, and how she has grown as a person from the experience.

My wife had a very bad marriage, and has told me over the years nearly everything of her story. We don't want to picture them being intimate with anyone else.

Not to be undone by her husband, Jeannie Elliff made her own list of questions that every wife should ask her spouse, and this is a particularly good one, as it ensures that you have the same vision for your future as a couple and are actively working towards it.

Does anyone else husband or wife like hearing about your past sexual experiences?

All she’d say to me was “you couldn’t handle my past” and my reply was “you couldn’t stop trying to make your past our present”. I'm not old fashioned or religious or anything. Thanks for sharing your situations. So your wife lied to spare your feelings and so you won't judge her. AskMen Reader.

And in light of Christ’s forgiveness of my own sins, I was ready to forgive whatever sins my husband would have to confess to me (Ephesians 4:32). Respond to dinoa: Respond.

It made my mind recoil and my heart sink. Hopefully you want to be with her.
Your husband was not in your life when you were dating those guys so just relax. We got married with me believing that she'd been with three people.

I was really upset about that and in our talks i asked my wife if she also had sex with this guy, at first she said no but the more I asked her she became silent about it. It has nothing to do with your relationship NOW. My wife is not been pregnant for the past 5 years; During therapy, my wife denied physically assaulting me in the past; What do I do when my wife has been lying

Every time I used it I felt a bit hurt, which was stupid. I forgave her then. The incident caused me to really take inventory of the relationship and I chose to break up with her a few days later.

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