Identification of Lake, Pallid and Shovelnose Sturgeon Two of the three species of sturgeon that make their home in the big rivers of the northeast part of Kansas are protected by law. Food and feeding behavior of the shovelnose sturgeon, Scaphirhynchus platorynchus, in the unchannelized Missouri River, South Dakota. U.S. Geological Survey, Columbia Environmental Research Center, 4200 New Haven Road, Columbia, Missouri 65201, U.S.A. Gender identification of shovelnose sturgeon using ultrasonic and endoscopic imagery and the application of the method to the pallid sturgeon. Once a commercially fished species, overharvest, dam construction, and habitat loss have reduced their numbers to dangerously low levels. Trans. Amer. Trans. : +1 573 876 1847; fax: +1 573 876 1896; email: roughfish identification, lifelist angling, fishing rare unusual fish species: bowfin burbot buffalo gar redhorse suckers carp .

Compared to the shovelnose sturgeon, the pallid sturgeon is restricted to areas of strong current. *Tel. Amer. Click on the species name to view the detailed information for the species. Fish. I felt badly for them, you should have seen the looks on their faces; then they had a little conversation with a person in uniform with a badge on his …


Search for more … Acipenser oxyrinchus. Soc. I pulled the frozen fish out of the bag, looked it over real close, and then told them it was not a shovelnose, but a pallid sturgeon. Shovelnose are by far the most abundant and in certain places at certain times can be caught in numbers.

Our results indicate current field identification methods are not reliable for identifying Pallid Sturgeon in the lower Mississippi River, likely due to introgressive hybridization between Pallid and Shovelnose sturgeons and the resulting continuum of morphotypes and genotypes in hybridized individuals. Had a couple of excited gentlemen bring the next rod & reel “state record” shovelnose sturgeon into the office for me to certify one time. On the other hand, pallid sturgeon are listed as endangered everywhere, and lake sturgeon are listed as threatened in Nebraska waters.

M. L. Wildhaber. Another threat to their survival is hybridization with the more common shovelnose sturgeon. Corresponding Author. Main menu ... All sturgeons, including the White Sturgeon, Lake Sturgeon, Shovelnose Sturgeon, and Pallid Sturgeon. There are three species of sturgeon that can be found in the Missouri River, shovelnose, pallid and lake sturgeon. Standard Sturgeons: 7; Atlantic Sturgeon .

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