1980 - Grammy Winner - Record of the Year . Core Doobie Brothers Members Tom Johnston (born Charles Thomas Johnston , August 15, 1948, Visalia, CA, lead vocals, backing vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, keyboards, harmonica (1970-1977) Patrick Simmons (born October 19, 1948, Aberdeen, WA): lead and rhythm guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals, banjo, flute (1970-1982) After Pud collapsed in 1969, the pair began jamming with bassist Dave Shogren and guitarist Patrick Simmons. They soon met singer/guitarist Pat Simmons, whose finger-style playing richly complimented Johnston’s R&B strumming-style, and the foundation for The Doobie Brothers was set. While their debut album in 1971 did not chart, just a year a later, their second record, Toulouse Street, became a … The group has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide throughout its career.4][5] The band has been active for five decades, with their biggest success occurring in the 1970s. The roots of the Doobie Brothers lie in Pud, a short-lived California country-rock band in the vein of Moby Grape featuring guitarist/vocalist Tom Johnston and drummer John Hartman. The Doobie Brothers are an American rock band from San Jose, California.

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