Its music video is notable for featuring images of missing people, most of them involving young children and adolescent teenagers. I had written different lyrics to it that were not so great. General CommentNo no no. Paul area (including the nightclub First Avenue) and quickly developed a core following while becoming known … Soul Asylum’s best known song, a power ballad released in 1992 about a man facing depressive times and life choices. Closer to the Stars Lyrics: Caterpillar crawling up the big phone pole / Is there somebody that you want to talk to? It has been theorized that the lines "Keeps the kids off the streets/gives 'em something to do, something to eat" could mean young men and women ("kids") joining the military. This is a song about the music industry, specifically the rock scene how it was in 1995, after Nirvana. It was influenced by, among other things, Woody Guthrie and La Siesta del Martes. "Black Gold", Soul Asylum So, I wanted to start a new blog with a specific purpose, to analyze and attempt to decipher songs that somehow achieve popularity despite the fact that it's impossible to know what they hell they are singing about. Lead singer Dave Pirner has stated that the lyrics originally described his experience of depression. View by: Highest Rated; Most Recent; Oldest First +4. The lyrics "Two boys on a playground/trying to push each other down" could possibly mean the USA and Iraq fighting over "Black Gold". What were bands like Soul Asylum doing but exploiting their own misery and selling it to poor unhappy teens? Soul Asylum began performing around the Minneapolis–St. Misery song meanings Add your thoughts 20 Comments. "Runaway Train" is a power ballad by American rock band Soul Asylum. Dave Pirner, lead singer, Soul Asylum: “Runaway Train” was a tune that was in my head for a couple years, at least. As far as meaning, I think his buying a ticket for a runaway train represents his lack of meaning and control in his life. sort form.

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