The Guitarfish is a uniquely shaped stingray. If you have that artistic ability, why not give it a try? GET CREATIVE!! They have a row of five gill slits on the underside of their bodies. This quick key is a guide to the most common stingrays you’ll find in Florida waters. The flattened, diamond-shaped body has sharp corners, making it more angular than the discs of other rays (3). The southern stingray is adapted for life on the sea bed. Its bulging eyes are on the top of its head, close together. Full list of rays and skates. Its disk is rhomboid in shape like the Atlantic’s disk, but is distinguishable by its blunt or rounded snout. Our fiberglass fish mount blanks are compatible with just about any type of paint -- from the finest lacquers to even house paint.

Squalicorax Tooth – Also called the Crow Shark, this animal reached 15 to 16 feet in length and had triangular, flattened teeth. Southern stingray Dasyatis americana Hildebrand & Schroeder, 1928 Description: Body dorso-ventrally flattened, with greatly enlarged pectoral fins, which give them a disc-like shape. Only the stingray has a thorn on its tail.

Mouth on the underside of the head. ... the mouth of the Mask stingray is also small. The Southern Stingray’s diet consists of clams, crabs, shrimps, worms and small fish.

Rays use their pectoral fins to fly through the water. Fish Mount Blanks by King Sailfish Mounts . Three rays inhabit Belize: southern stingray, spotted eagle ray, and manta ray. This oval-shaped river stingray grows up to 6.2 ft. (1.9 m) across and can weigh as much as 1,300 lb. The possibilities are endless. High levels of ammonia or low levels of oxygen can cause "hypoxia" -- neurological brain damage -- which can lead to organ issues and eventually, death. Stingray Plates – These fossils are of a stingray’s mouth plates used to grasps and crush their food. Identification. To prevent hypoxia, keep stingrays in an appropriately-sized aquarium given their size, age and species. Scientists don't think they use their eyes for hunting very much though. Back vary in color from brown to gray and black. 1a) Disc round in shape, colored yellowish with spots: Urobatis jamaicensis– Yellow stingray: 1b) Disc roughly diamond shaped, no such color (Dasyatis) Go to question 2 . The barb is a modified denticle, derived from the dermal layer of tissue during development. As you can guess by its name, this is a large species of stingray that lives in rivers, estuaries, and other freshwater environments. A distinctive feature of all stingrays is its barb, found on the stingray’s tail. Size: Up to 2 meters long (6.5 feet). They are amazing disc-shaped creatures that gracefully swim about the ocean. Several rows of denticles/thorns on the tail (hence the name 'roughtail'). Southern Stingray Facts. Their nostrils, mouth, and gill slits are located on the underside of their body. Rapid breathing or panting is an indication of poor health in a stingray. The shape of this stingray resembles the shape of a guitar. Southern stingrays, also called Atlantic southern stingrays, are a normally docile animal that frequents warm, shallow coastal waters. Southern stingrays are found in the the western Atlantic Ocean from New England to Brazil, with abundant populations in the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Grand Cayman Island, British West Indies, Bahamas, coastal Belize, and the southern coast of Florida. Like other fish, stingrays breathe with the help of gills.
Underside white. 15 Types of Stingrays In the Great Barrier Reef, Stingrays are species of fish that have a close relation to the shark species. The stingray’s barb is sharp and serrated, allowing it to easily pierce soft tissue. Stingray feed primarily on mollusks and crustaceans, but will feed opportunistically on injured or unwary fish.

Gills and Spiracles. The tail is rather long and whip-like with a barbed spine near the base. Geographic Range. While a stingray's mouth is on the underside of its body, along with its nostrils and gill slits, its eyes are on the top. Scientific name: Hypanus americanus; Southern rays are typically found in tropical and subtropical waters of the Western Atlantic Ocean from New Jersey to Southern Brazil; They are known for their whiptail; To hide from predators, they bury themselves in the bed of the ocean; Predators include various sharks and humans The Guitarfish’s head is flat and small. Classification: Fish. The southern stingray is a benthic, or bottom dwelling, organism that generally lives in shallow, coastal waters. Southern Stingray - Antigua On the island of Antigua, southeast of St. Kitts, in the Caribbean, there is a place called Stingray City where southern stingrays have been hand fed and become tame enough to be cradled in the arms of humans. If they took in water through their mouths, they would probably just get a mouthful of sand.

The top of the body varies between olive brown and green in adults, dark grey in juveniles, whilst the underside is predominantly white (2) (3).
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