These classes definitely help to build confidence if your aim is to have a conversation in Portuguese. Assimil Portuguese – A beginner’s text-based course with audio, if you’re more of a textbook person. The best European Portuguese learning site. Portuguese is spoken by about 170 million people, mainly in Portugal and the Portuguese Atlantic islands, Brazil, and Portugal's former overseas provinces in Africa and Asia. I love your site. Assimil’s explanations are a bit on the technical side, though. If you’re considering how to learn to speak Portuguese some local councils offer a limited number of free Portuguese classes at various levels to help immigrants integrate better. Learn European Portuguese in Portugal Free face to face classes. The European Portuguese … Pimsleur's European Portuguese teaches the Lisbon dialect of Portugal. The difference between European and Brazilian Portuguese is not big, however … It is without doubt the best European Portuguese learning site I have found over the last 10 years that I have been struggling to learn the language… If you like that, this is a great course. The African Portuguese language structure is the same as the European (also called Continental Portuguese) one.

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