We sliced the watermelon into smiles. His work ranges from a series of more than 100 “anagram poems” to variations on a Japanese presentation style called PechaKucha. Hayes takes elements of form and turns them upside down: his “Sonnet” consists of one line repeated fourteen … Terrance Hayes is in his thirties, and Hip Logic is his second book.

In the world of poetry that makes him “up and coming.” What struck me about Hip Logic is how it rises above much of the strife plaguing contemporary poetry by blending multiple genres, rather than conforming to one. Hayes has taken up—or taken down—the sonnet sporadically throughout his career, most famously with a tour de force called “ Sonnet ” in 2002’s Hip … Wow.

Hayes’ most recent collection, “How to Be Drawn,” debuted this month. Hayes is clearly using the sonnet form, by breaking it, to make a new kind of meaning, but at the same time harnessing the power of the form. We sliced the watermelon … SONNET By Terrance Hayes We sliced the watermelon into smiles.

We sliced the watermelon into smiles. This is not the first time Hayes has used the sonnet form as metonymic history of racialized violence. A poem in his collection Hip Logic simply titled “Sonnet” repeats fourteen times: “We sliced the watermelon into smiles.” Except here it is as if he exposes the whole nexus of historical, cultural, linguistic, and ideological thought that yields and builds and justifies white supremacy, American-style, … We sliced the watermelon into smiles. S in slice, ON in watermelon, T in into.

We sliced the watermelon into smiles. Meanwhile, one of his best-known poems is a sonnet that repeats the same line (“We sliced the watermelon into smiles”) 14 times. Next week we take on two different villanelles will discussing how syntax and voice create the spine and joints of a poem. In his poems, in which he occasionally invents formal constraints, Hayes considers themes of popular culture, race, music, and masculinity. We sliced the watermelon into smiles. We sliced the watermelon into smiles. Born in Columbia, South Carolina, Terrance Hayes earned a BA at Coker College and an MFA at the University of Pittsburgh.

Terrance Hayes’s most recent publications include American Sonnets for My Past And Future Assassin (Penguin 2018) and To Float In The Space Between: Drawings and Essays in Conversation with Etheridge Knight (Wave, 2018). Hayes has taken up—or taken down—the sonnet sporadically throughout his career, most famously with a tour de force called “Sonnet” in 2002’s Hip Logic; the poem comprises fourteen repetitions of the same line, “We cut the watermelon into smiles.” Hayes’s fourteen iterations play on racist stereotypes that associate rural black Americans with watermelon and fixed grins, and on the assumption that all sonnets … Sonnet Terrance Hayes from Hip Logic.

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