“Whether you join us in the devotion of wearing a chapel veil or not, we are your sisters.

The chapel veil was the custom of all Catholic churches (eastern and western), everywhere in the world (including English-speaking nations) for nearly 2,000 years. But I am saddened and troubled when I occasionally encounter the attitude that it is irreverent not to veil – in Facebook threads, usually. Nevertheless, when it is time for a girls’ First Communion, mothers still (thank God) put a white veil on the child’s head in honor of the Holy occasion. The custom only fell out of use among western Catholic women, particularly in English-speaking nations, in just the last 30-40 years. While lots of women are going the route of the chapel veil, others are choosing things like hats, scarves, or stylish headbands. It wasn’t until one of my friends gave me my own chapel veil that I realized the true meaning and potential of this tradition. Theology Solutions. [The following post is in honor of Pope Saint Pius X, whose memorial is today, and the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which we honor tomorrow.]. The holier than thou complex I suspect. Let us truly be in communion. Not that long ago, Christian women always covered their heads at church, and now many are choosing to once again.

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Beige Lace Chapel Veil. So, too, do Catholic brides still wear a veil at their wedding. Handmade by the Sisters Beige Veil Trimmed with Lace Now Made with Soft Lace Small - $12 Large - $15 To Hempen, chapel veils represent a whole range of things: a way to emulate the veil-wearing Virgin Mary, an experience of "authentic femininity" that sets women apart as … Let us pray for one another.” – Birgit Jones. Refusal of women to don a veil in church is a western phenomenon for the most part.

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