In big studio productions, perfect continuity is so important that crews always include a script supervisor to oversee it. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, requiring its content to be notable and reliably sourced, above all else.While there are now many television programmes showing outtakes, and many magazine articles, websites and other observers noticing purported errors in continuity, anachronisms, solecisms, and other failures of intention, that does not imply that they should be reported here. RELATED: Fuller House 10 Continuity Errors In Season 1 That Fans Never Noticed. Observant audience members can sometimes notice continuity errors of many types, and they almost become little Easter eggs. Because a film is not shot in the way we view it, it is very difficult to maintain its continuity. For instance, the two lampposts at the bottom of the driveway change to an entirely different style in some shots, and the huge garden boulders repeatedly vanish and reappear. There are people that are … Continuity mistake: In the exterior front shots of Elliott's house there are some significant changes to the landscape in different shots. There's no one way to correct these errors and many end up in a blooper reel. While some viewers enjoy watching TV series for the stories and the actors, other fans like to be on the lookout for mistakes.

Some people enjoy looking for these errors. I happen to be one of them. Edit Suite: Five Types of Continuity.

Jim Stinson-March 1, 2000. By. Twister (1996) Continuity is the complex craft of making the hundreds or even thousands of small parts of a program seem like a single, continuous whole.

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